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Year 93-96 Sörbo - Plus One, Minus One

Previously at Sörbo, Ingeborg and aron acquired secondary aspirations of Grilled Cheese and Jerry Knowledge. We had a fire on Family Sunday, and we had ebony and ivory twins, Erik and Natalie who grew up to toddlers. We employed a butler named Victor. At the end Ingeborg filled her aspiration panel.

6710 Year 93 Sörbo

Sörbo year 93-96, Thursday to Sunday
Ingeborg Wern, 70, Popularity/Grilled Cheese
Jerry Wern, 69, Family/Knowledge
Aron Wern, 31, Fortune/Grilled Cheese, Earn 100.000§
Annika Wern, 31, Family, Marry off 6 children
Erik Wern, 3
Nathalie Wern, 3

6711 Upset

Annika is very upset with her husband who lets himself be flirted with by Ulrika Myhr

6712 Max charisma
Said husband maxes his Charisma skill for his job

6713 Science

Erik finds that his true hobby is Science by playing with the block toy

6714 Pregnant
Annika starts to realize she’s probably pregnant. That must have happened before the fall-out with Aron

6715 Ulrika

Back at the table she’s thinking flaming thoughts about Ulrika Myhr

6716 Talk

Aron teaches Nathalie to talk

6717 Talk

And Annika teaches Erik

6718 The Law
Aron comes home promoteed to The Law and brings a friend with him home. 1p for TOC

6719 Forgiven
6720 Makeup
Annika and Aron make up. They even become friends again. Aron is forgiven

6721 Pregnant
Pregnancy confirmed

6722 Commander
Since Aron's LTW is to earn a lot of mony it's time for a new career to be promoted in. He chooses Military.

6723 Astronaut 100000
After his first promotion he reaches his LTW which happens to be the Fortune IW. 4p! Now he wants to become Chief of Staff

6724 No medical

No such jobs available

6725 NAthalie birthday
6726 Erik birthday

Instead, birthdays!

6727 Nathalie child
6728 Erik child

Erik and Nathalie grow up well

6729 New style
6730 New
They both get new styles

6731 No medical

Still no medical jobs available for Aron

6732 Sports

Nathalie picks up the sports magazine that is laying around, and finds that her true hobby is Sports

6733 MAx music

Jerry is interested in Music and earns a plaque for his extensive interest. 1p!

6734 Basketball

Saturday Annika invites the Törnblad/Berg family to let the kids meet. Niklas and Robert are the kids’  second cousins on both sides, since their mother Monica is Aron’s cousin and their father Wilhelm is Annika’s cousin.

6735 Berg look

Erik Wern has the Berg look from his father’s family and all the boys look very much the same. Not even the Simgodess is able to tell them apart

6736 Sec Know

Annika has enough aspiration points to claim a secondary aspiration of Knowledge

6737 MAx asp

And Jerry, who is also Family/Knowledge, fills his aspiration panel

6738 Babytime

Then it's babytime

6739 Kent

It’s only one, and it’s yet another boy! He looks like his father in all his colours and he gets Common name no 57 – Kent.  His birthday is the 5th of July ’96.

6740 Happy

All the family and all the guests are very happy that Kent was born

6741 Aron full

Aron is happiest of all, filling his aspiration panel. 3p!

6742 Ingeborg tree

This house is out of sync and therefor we will have a Family Sunday. Ingeborg and Jerry have four children who are all married. There are six cousins but Adam’s daughter Lisa is too little to come over

6743 Annika tree

Annika invites her parents Barbro and David, and her brothers and sister. None of them are married (yet) and have no children.

6744 Family Sunday

Welcome! Now have fun!

6745 Trouble

Aron has two problems with the guests – he REALLY doesn’t like his father-in-law David and he really DO like his brother’s girlfriend Ulrika – the very same that made him fall out with his wife in the beginning of the round.

6746 Ulrika My

Today Ulrika’s got her aim for something else – Louise’s wife My, who falls helplessly in love with her

6747 Plaque

The secondary GC sim Ingeborg reads up on cooking and reaches max enthusiasm for the hobby. She earns a plaque for it – 1p!

6748 Jerry dies

This Sunday it’s time for Jerry to leave this Simiverse. He’s not even particularly sorry to go, he had a good life with a good working life and four succesful children and six grandchildren

6749 21aug96

On the 21st of August ’96, Jerry Wern draws his last breath, surrounded by family and friends

6750 Sad

And we leave Sörbo on a sad note, with Ingeborg heart-broken and sleepless, missing her beloved Jerry. Probably she will not have to wait long to join him in the great beyond, since her lifetime meter is almost full too.

Sörbo after round 25:
Ingeborg Wern
Aron Wern
Annika Wern
Erik Wern
Nathalie Wern
Kent Wern

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