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Year 93-96 Strandbrynsvägen - A Lot of Points

Previously at Strandbrynsvägen, everybody was happy and Hugo most of all since he reached the Knowledge IW. We had a lot of secondary aspirations and filled aspiration panels. Lovisa found her true hobby which is fitness, and left for University.

6751 Strand Year 93

Strandbrynsvägen 407 year 93-96, Tuesday to Friday
Tessa Tång, 75, Fortune/Family
Elmer Tång, 72, Family/Fortune
Hugo Mattsson, 47, Knowledge/Romance
Engla Mattsson, 47, Knowledge/Popularity

6752 Music

We’re in for a boring round, with four permaplat grown-ups – nothing more to strive for. Engla has maxed her Music enthusiasm since before

6753 Mishap

Hugo actually hasn’t got any plaque yet, so he’s reading up on Culinary. However, he’s also sick in the flu and doesn’t get to the bathroom in time. That’s about how interesting this house is.

6754 Dance

Elmer dances all day in his max Music enthusiasm 1p, if not before

6755 Architect

Hugo wants a second career for his second LTW, and chooses to become an architect

6756 Max culinary

Then he starts blogging about food and maxes his enthusiasm, 1p

6757 Pastime

To pass time he even fixes the broken shower

6758 Drums

When Tessa arrives home from her Chief of Staff job, she practices her drum skill

6759 Plaque

Then she earns her plaque too. 1p!

6760 Full asp6761 Full asp

This house is boring, I know, but we get a lot of points!
Elmer and Hugo both fill their aspiration panels . 6p!

6762 PArtner

That day Hugo becomes an architectural partner

6763 Spend time

Elmer and Tessa spends some time on the sofa…

6764 Tessa dies

…and just in time, too, because her time is up

6765 17jun95

On the 17th of June ’95, Tessa (Ramirez) Tång draws her last breath at age 78, leaving being husband Elmer Tång, 75, daughter Engla Mattsson, 50 with husband Hugo, 50 and grand-daughter Lovisa, 22. She leaves in Platinum - 1p!

6766 Obituary

Out of boredom, we even designed a Swedish looking obituary. It might, or might not, become a tradition in this hood.

Strandbrynsvägen after round 25:

Elmer Tång
Hugo Mattsson
Engla Mattsson
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