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Runemo year 93-96 - Dating College Girls

Previously at Runemo, Pontus and Oliver got themselves part time jobs and moved to University. Barbro retired. David and Barbro chose Pleasure and Popularity respectivel for their secondary aspirations.


Runemo year 93, 94-96 Tuesday, Wednesday-Friday
Barbro Sandvall, 69, Family/Popularity
David Sandvall, 69, Knowledge/Pleasure
Cosmos, the Cat



Barbro is a secondary Popularity sim nowadays and throws a party on Tuesday. Her daughter Märta falls in love with a teenager and refuses a hug from her aunt Anna, all in the same instant.


Märta likes Tony Johansson better and have no problem hugging him.


The rest of the afternoon is passed pleasantly conversating and dancing


At the end of the party, Barbro’s primary Family aspiration is dominant and she cooks Comfort soup for everyone. All her family except her daughter Annika is gathering around the tiny kitchen table.

Year 94-96

6772 Year 94

Oliver and Pontus are back from Uni. They are both Knowledge sims, but they have different LTWs – Oliver wants to become a Prestidigitator and Pontus a City Planner. Oliver graduated SCL in Literature and Pontus without honours in Mathematics.

6773 No job

There are no jobs available for any of them, but there’s no hurry, this is a rich house.

6774 Art

All of a sudden, Barbro, 70, finds out that her true hobby is Arts&Crafts. How is it even possible to go a full life without even drawing one drawing?

6775 Jenny

The 192 cm tall Oliver soon forgets about looking for jobs and concentrates on his college girlfriend Jenny.

6776 Makeout

They didn’t have much time in college to develop their relationship, but they catch up now

6777 Dancing

With their clothes on…

6778 Bed

And off...

6779 Love

And we have love

6780 LoP

However, Oliver is a Knowledge sim and has other interests too

6781 Catch

Like playing fetch with the leader of the pack

6782 Rest

The rest of the family crowds themselves into the tiniest bathroom of the house for no particular reason

6783 Full asp

David fills his aspiration panel – 3p!

6784 Dance hobby

Oliver gets invited to another date with Jenny, to the Dance hobby lot

6785 Couch

They have really good couches there…

6786 Joyride

Oliver invites Jenny to come home with him

6787 Serenade

You could think these two are three-bolters, but they really have only one.

6788 Pontus

Suddenly the simGodess felt that Pontus was too much pushed aside, so got him to ask over his two-bolt girlfriend Lovisa. It took like five sim minutes before they were at it, too. She will move here after graduation, so she is the future Mrs Sandvall.

6789 Study

Synchronous studying!

6790 Leif

Barbro is a secondary popularity and works on her friends list. Leif Hartwig is next on the list

6791 Black

David has a tinkering hobby and is fixing up an old car. Only the paint missing now!

6792 Cool


6793 Comfort

Like all Knowledge sims do sooner or later, David wishes to learn how to cook Comfort soup. The way to do it is letting your Family sim start the cooking and bring out the ingredients and then redirect them and let your Knowledge sim continue the meal

6794 Works

It works swimmingly!!

Runemo after round 25:
Barbro Sandvall
David Sandvall
Oliver Sandvall
Pontus Sandvall
Cosmos, the cat
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