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Year 93-96 Svedja - New Constellations

Previously at Svedja, Love wrote a book on disasters as money makers. Oscar worked on his friends list. Siri bought electronics and moved to university. We had a lot of promotions and a Family Sunday going awry with minor Berit Carlsson trying to kiss elderly, married Martin Montell. Allan reached the Knowledge IW.


Svedja year 93, 94-96, Tuesday, Wednesday-Friday
Allan Törnblad, 62, Knowledge/Family
Anna Törnblad, 62, Family
Oscar Törnblad, 31, Popularity
Love Carlsson, 31, Fortune


Allan has started painting portraits and gets a plaque in Arts&Crafts in the process. 1p!


Anna gets demoted due to playing computer games on her lunchbreak. She’s now a Rogue Botanist.


Our author Love has started a new series of books about a Private Investigator. PI Joe gets a phonecall about a mysterious death on the train to Chicago, lays all the pieces of the puzzle and captures the villain.

Year 94-96

6799 Year 94

Siri is back from Uni

6800 Unfortunate

And she’s had an unfortunate encounter with an unskilled stylist

6801 Dont like

She doesn’t like her new look, but the SimGodess does, so she’s stuck with it.

6802 full asp

And Allan fills his aspiration panel

6803 Literature

Love has a maximized interest in literature and he maintains it by writing novels all the time

6803 New
6804 Oscar

Oscar needs some Logic points for his job in Athletics

6805 Power level

Siri has no career related LTW, but she’s interested in many things. Today she finds a job in Gaming as a power leveler.

6806 Success

And we get a late noticce that Love’s book is a success. We expect nothing less nowadays

6807 Adam
6808 Dancekiss

As mentioned above, Siri has no career related LTW, instead she wants to celebrate Golden Anniversary. To achieve that, she needs to marry of course. However, there are no eligible bachelors in the playable population in Mattsmyra, at least no one straight, so we settle for Adam Wern, Ulrika Myhr’s fiancé.

6809 Date

She has done enough herself to deserve a backlash, and Adam has been betrayed enough to deserve some happiness.

6810 Love

It seems he really longed for this

6811 Woohoo

And Siri too.

6812 Paint

The older generation is still around somewhere. Allan produces portraits of the inhabitants in this house

6813 Realtime strategist

But most of the update is about the young. Siri gets promoted to Realtime Strategist <nd brings Oscar rodiek with her home.

6814 Allan LTWTOC

Later that night, Allan comes home promoted to Space Pirate, which was his second LTW. 1p!

6815 Dog

Anna has been invisible this update, mostly because the SimGodess hoped that the pet wishes would go away, which they didn’t…
Even Siri and Allan has them, so they adopt Epsilon, one of Gerd Berg’s dogs.

6816 Thinks Adam

Siri tries to study for her job, but she has a hard time concentrate. A certain someone distrubs her thoughts...

6817 Promotions

Siri gets promoted to Guild Leader, and Anna to Animal Linguist. They bring Molly Cormier with them home

6818 Bi

And we suddenly remember that Siri is bisexual...

6819 Myhr

The Myhr family is invited, just to stir the pot. Adam is not friends with his current sister-in-law Alva.

6820 Move

Siri makes a move on Adam and asks him to move in

6821 Move in

Which he does, with a handsome pile of money. Not that it’s needed, but anyway

6822 Break-up

Then he breaks up with Ulrika. She’s really taken aback, and seems to think it’s about her sister

6823 Plea

Ulrika: ”But, but… Alva will move to Uni soon, then we can be happy!”
Adam: “ You know nothing, Ulrika Myhr, I’m done with you, with or without your sister! We’re through!”

6824 Finished

Ulrika is very sad, but she really had it coming!

6825 Mourn

Even Adam mourns the fact that it had to be such an ugly break-up. He really loved Ulrika once

6826 Siri new
6827 Adam new

The new couple both adjust their looks to please each other

6828 Engagement
6829 Engagement

And another bathroom engagement is had

6830 Flirting

And we have yet another sim obsessed with pets. But mostly this picture is to show that Ulrika might be able to cause more problems in the future, since Adam is equally attracted to her as to Siri

6831 Molly

And here’s another sim that can ruin Siri’s chances to get her LTW.

6832 Real time strateist

We end this update with Adam, who had a hard time finding his dreamjob back at Myren, but now he finds it and becomes a realtime Strategist, just like his fiancée.

Svedja after round 25:
Anna Törnblad
Allan Törnblad
Oscar Törnblad
Love Carlsson
Siri Törnblad
Adam Wern

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