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Los year 93-96 - Hobby Focus

Previously at Los, Berit was an over-achiever and moved to Uni. Emilia cooked GC and worked out, later selecting a secondary aspiration of Family. Patric studied and played chess and bought a sewing machine

6833 Los year 93

Los year 93-96, Saturday to Tuesday
Emilia Carlsson, 62, Grilled Cheese/Family
Patric Carlsson, 62, Knowledge/Family

6834 Anna visit

We’re in for another boring round, with two well-off elders only. Emilia invites her friend Anna from Svedja over.

6835 Friend

Patric invites Elisabeth Burlin, his sister-in-law, over after work

6836 Sewing

He quickly ignores her and goes into the garage, where he’s designing and sewing things. He even gets a silver badge in sewing

6837 Family

On this lot we’ll have a Family Sunday. Emilia is the oldest of Loke Mattson’s four children. Her own children Love (with partner Oscar) and Berit will of course be invited,and also her sister Elisabeth Burlin with husband Kevin and their minor children, brother Georg with wife Agnes, and little brother Hugo with wife Engla.

6838 Sunday

It’s more of a medium size family nowadays, rather than a clan

6839 GC

Emilia really likes feeding everybody Grilled Cheese

6840 Action
6841 Action

It's nice to have some action in the house, too, with her youngest nephews still being children

6842 GC

Then it’s time for dinner and even more Grilled cheese

6843 Full asp

It’s really good for Emilia’s aspiration. 3p!

6844 Plaque

In the meantime, Patric has been sewing, and he maxes his Art&Crafts enthusiasm at the same time as he reaches a gold bage in sewing. 1p!

6845 Son

Then he spends some time with his son.

6846 Fitnes plaque

Emilia’s true hobby is Fitness, and for the first time ever, j68 has a sim max their enthusiasm in Fitness. There’s a first for everything!

Los after round 25:
Emilia Carlsson
Patric Carlsson

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