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Year 93-96 Rävkullen - Funeral Reception

Previously at Rävkullen, Lena acquired a seconday aspiration of Knowledge and filled her panel. Max and Lena grew up very well to elders. Stina grew up to a Family sim with an LTW of becoming Education Minister and had her first kiss. Emmy left for university and has since then graduated and married Olle Burlin of Ovanåker.

6847 Year 93 Rävk

Rävkullen year 93-96, Saturday-Tuesday
Ricky Cormier, 75, Romance
Max Benett, 58, Fortune
Lena Benett, 55, Popularity/Knowledge
Stina Benett, 15, Family

6848 Plaque

We start this round with Lena earning a plaque in Music&Dance. 1p!

6849 Max demoted

And Max, the unfortunate soul, who gets demoted due to a bad chance card

6850 Ricky plaque

Ricky stays home from work and gets a plaque in Music&Dance too.

6851 Dies

Which proves to be the last thing he does

6851 Obit

6852 Emmy pregnant

His grand-daughter Emmy realizes at the same time that she’s probably pregnant

6853 Ceremony

The next morning is a bright and clear morning, not at all suitable for a funeral. Nevertheless, the ceremony is held at Mattsmyra Sockenkyrka, with only the closest family present

6854 Family
6855 Family

For the reception at home, the rest of the extended family is invited

6856 Family Sunday
6857 Dance

Soon the tiny garden of Rävkullen is filled with relatives dancing to the memory of Ricky. He enjoyed life and the family celebrates that

6858 Crowd

 The house is not built for big receptions either

6859 Pottery

Max withdraws to his pottery wheel and earns a silver badge in Pottery

6860 Sec GC

It makes him happy and he rolls a secondary aspiration of Grilled Cheese.

6861 Friends

Max is unfortunate in many things, but not with friends. He has a lot of them and always works on more. He's a Popularity sim in disguise!
Stina struggles with her homework which has been laying around on the sidewalk all week

6862 Pottery

Then she relaxes with a bit of pottery herself.

6863 Support

Max is supportive

6864 Scolar

Then Stina collects her two scholarships for Art and grades and is off to Uni

Rävkullen after round 25:
Max Benett
Lena Benett
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