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Year 95-96 University - Part 2

Part 1

9869 Year 95

Year 95 – The 14-room Dorm

The rookies for year 95 are
Alexander Johansson, Pleasure, LTW Celebrity Chef
Jesper Burlin, Pleasure, LTW Celebrity Chef

9871 Shopping

The guys are ging down to campus to do some shopping

9872 Phone

A cellphone is everyone's first priority!

9873 Saga

Alexander was lightly gay when he grew up to teen, but apparently he left that behind him and is now straight. He’s got the hots for Saga Rodiek who just graduated.

9874 Helena

Jesper has the hots for Helena Markövertag, and the SimGodess decides it’s a good match and lets him keep her. Stina Benett has to find someone else.

9875 Jesper philosophy
9876 Alexander art

The boys choose a major each. They have the same LTW but it’s too boring to have them in the same major. Both Philosophy and Art are good for future Celebrity Chefs.

9877 GH trial

Then it’s time for Greek House try-outs

9878 Jesper in

It’s pretty easy for Jesper, since he’s best friends with Olle, his brother, and Lovisa, his cousin, already

9879 Celebrate

He celebrates with his significant other, Helena Markövertag

9880 Tender

They are very cute together and since they decided to become a couple, they will live in her house. Jesper’s brother Olle inherits the Burlin residence.

9881 Asks

Alexander first asks Lovisa to try him out for the GH, but she declines him. Cecilia is easier and she decides they will try him

9882 No GH

Unfortunately he needs to leave for class before the try-out is finished

9883 Asks

When he's back he asks Cecilia again to try him out and she accepts

9884 In

This time it's much easier and he is accepted.

9885 Kiss
9886 Dance
9887 Woohoo

Jesper and Helena continue to date day and night

9888 Kiss
9889 Makeout

And Alexander invites his significant other over too.

9890 Play

The rest of their freshman year, Jesper and Alexander take turns dating their beloved

9891 Drink

And when they are not dating they are partying. Dates and parties, parties and dates.

9892 Love
9893 Kiss
9894 Marriage wish

Saga eventually develops a wish to get engaged and married to Alexander, but that will have to wait. It will make her father really happy though!

9895 SCL

And then the first year is over. They both start sophomore year with SCL grades in Art and Philosophy

Year 95 Helsinge Nation

9896 GH year 95

From upper left:
Emmy Benett (dating Olle Burlin)
Lovisa Mattsson (dating graduated Pontus Sandvall)
Olle Burlin (dating Emmy Benett)
Cecilia Lind (single)
Berit Carlsson (single)
Helena Markövertag (dating Jesper Burlin)

9897 Computer lab

The Greek House ha been redecorated and a new computer lab installed.

9898 Computer lab

It does wonders for the motivation to study

9899 Master piece
9900 Master piece

When they are not studying, Cecilia paints master pieces

9901 Cold

Emmy spends too much time outside in the very, very cold winter weather

9902 Crille

Berit asks a new guy to join the Greek House and he accepts.

9903 Fixing

He’s promptly put on fixing duty. Everything is breaking all the time at Helsinge Nation

9904 Thawing

Cecilia does what she can to thaw up her boyfriend Steve

9905 Music

Lovisa earns a plaque in Music&Dance

9906 No woohoo

Helena wants to woohoo Jesper in the car, but there is no such option, wonder why?

9907 Graduate

It’s an eventless year at the GH (no Romancers), and soon Emmy, Olle and Cecilia graduates.

9908 Party

First it's Olle. He doesn't look overly interested in having a party

9909 Ludvig Ville

However, his brother Ludvig finds someone special at the party...

9910 Olle Emmy

Olle chooses Emmy for his graduation photo, just as expected

9911 Alex Jesper

And with one lot moving out it's time for the others to move in - Alexander and Jesper joins the GH full time

9912 No party

When Olle’s party is over and it’s Emmy´s turn, it’s not possible to call for a party even though it’s only mid-afternoon. So, we’re just calling to move her back.

9913 Growup
9914 Cecilia

The same applies for Cecilia

9915 Growup

9916 Boys

At the beginning of year '96 we have two boys at Helsinge Nation - Jesper Burlin, and Alexander Johansson, both Pleasure, both sophomores

9917 Girls

And the senior girls - Lovisa Mattsson, Fortune, Helena Markövertag, Pleasure and Berit Carlsson, Fortune

Year 96 – The Dorms
9918 Year 96 Bertil

Bertil Mattsson, Family, arrives first to the dorms in year 96, bringing along his uncle Tommy Ottomas, Fortune

9919 Natalie Svea

Next in line are Svea Rodiek, Knowledge, Bertil’s girlfriend and Natalie Burlin, Fortune, Bertil’s second cousin.

9920 Tommy economics
9921 Natalie math

Tommy and Natalie have career related LTWs and chooses appropriate majors for that. The others will not choose until they wish to, or get forced into Philosophy.

9922 GH trial

After the initial installation, it's time to apply for membership in Helsinge Nation. Natalie goes first

9923 No advantage

Her cousin Berit gives her no family favours at all, she's actually really difficult

9924 Lovisa nicer

Her other cousin Lovisa is nicer, but it doesn't help

9925 No GH

Unfortunately she needs to go to class before the try-out is finished.

9926 Comfort

During the few hours the cafeteria worker is not present, Bertil cooks comfort soup for the dorm

9927 Svea turn

Next to try for the Greek House is Svea Rodiek.

9928 No relation

She too has to go to class before the try-out is over

9929 Natalie accepted

Back from class, Natalie is accepted in the Greek House

9930 Svea accepted

And Svea is following closely

9931 Bertil accepted

And so is Bertil

9932 No psych

At the end of the first semester, Svea has decided she does NOT want to choose Psychology as major

9933 SCL

First semester finished SCL for all four

9934 Physics

Just when the second semester starts, Svea has decided she wants to major in Physics. It has been a while since we had one of those.

9935 Tommy first kiss

Tommy is not accepted in Helsinge Nation yet, and when he waits for the members to arrive for the try-out he gets his first kiss from a dorm mate

9936 GH trial

The girl's name is apparently Johanna

9937 No GH

As usual, the class schedule is making it difficult to reach the needed acquaintance level with the members

9938 Bertil Svea

After nearly one year, Berti and Svea takes the next step in their relationship. They have not been in a hurry.

9939 Tommy accepted

At his second attempt, Tommy is accepted in Helsinge Nation

9940 Nature

Svea finds, while studying cleaning that her OTH is Nature. Yay, we might be able to have a garden at the GH again!

9941 SCL

And all the four freshmans finish their first year with top grades!

Year 96 – Helsinge Nation

9942 96 HelNat

At the start of year 96 we have at Helsinge Nation:
Jesper Burlin (dating Helena Markövertag)
Helena Markövertag (dating Jesper Burlin)
Lovisa Mattsson (dating graduated Pontus Sandvall)
Berit Carlsson (single)
Alexander Johansson (dating graduated Saga Rodiek)

9943 Computer lab

The GH is very calm this year (too - it has been for a while)

9944 Toga

There is an occasional Greek party

9945 Study

And a lot of studying

9946 Bertil fight

The only thing remotely dramatic is when Bertil starts fighting with the eternal cheerleader Linn

9947 NAtalie moves in

When the time for graduation for the older students draws near, the younger are invited to move in. Jesper asks his sister Natalie

9948 Bertil moves in

Natalie asks her second cousin Bertil

9949 Svea moves in

Bertil asks his girlfriend Svea

9950 Tommy moves in

And Svea asks Tommy Ottomas

9951 Lovisa SCL Pol Sc

Then it’s time for graduation parties. First Lovisa Mattsson, who graduates SCL in Political Science. She will move in with her boyfriend Pontus Sandvall at Runemo.

9952 Elmer

Her grandfather Elmer Tång attends the party in his old llama uniform, which makes the current llama confused

9953 Jesper Lovisa

She chooses to take her graduation picture with her cousin Jesper Burlin

9954 Berit

Next is Berit Carlsson. She graduates SCL in Psychology and will move back to her parents' house in Los.

9955 Crille

She chooses her friend Crille to share her graduation photo

9956 Alexander Helena

Helena takes the time to taste forbidden fruit before her graduation party

9957 Jesper Helena

Then she gives the same treatment to her "real" boyfriend Jesper

9958 Helena SCL Phil

Then she calls for her party. She graduates SCL in Philosophy and will move back to her parents' house in Bluewater

9959 Jesper Helena

At least she chooses her boyfriend Jesper for her graduation picture.

9960 Study

After year 96, we have six sims left at Helsinge Nation. It’s Bertil Mattsson, sophomore with no major, SCL and his uncle Tommy Ottomas, sophomore Economy, SCL

9961 junior

Jesper Burlin, junior Philosophy SCL and Alexander Johansson, junior Art SCL

9962 girls

And the girls – Natalie Burlin, sophomore Mathematics SCL and Svea Rodiek, sophomore Physics SCL.
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