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Year 93-96 Norrbo - An Easy Girl

Previously at Norrbo, Åsa tried to find a job in Journalism and we had a happy family Sunday. Åsa got a secondary aspiration of Knowledge and Frida grew up to a Romance teen with an LTW to woohoo 20 sims

6903 Year 93 Norrbo

Norrbo year 93-96, Tuesday to Friday
Åsa Benett, 47, Grilled Cheese/Knowledge, Eat 200 GC
Frida Benett, 13, Romance, Woohoo 20 sims

6904 Åsa Corp lawyer

Åsa works as a Corporate Lawyer nowadays, but she really wants to be a Journalist. She’s a single mom to her daughter Frida

6905 Phone

Frida is a typical teenager, on the phone all the time. She’s a bit on the chubby side, which is nothing strange since her mother is a GC sim.


Åsa works hard in her Law career as long as there is no Journalist job available

6907 Homework

And Frida is pretty good with keeping up with her homework, even though it seems she found an old assignment at the moment

6908 Charisma

There is a lot of charisma needed for a lawyer job

6909 Gunnar

At last, Åsa gets bored and lonely and invites over Frida’s father Gunnar for a date. Åsa never wished for them to get engaged or married, they just meet for occasional dates and for him to get to know his daughter.

6910 Blinddate

This might have inspired Frida to her romancing aspiration and LTW of woohooing 20 sims – the thought of free love

6911 Robin

Her first date is an adult – Robin Bornemo. They get along swimmingly

6912 Kiss

Maybe a bit TOO swimmingly…

6913 Dancing

They cool down with a slow dance

6914 Woohoo 1

Or not… Woohoo no 1 at age 14 – Robin Bornemo

6915 Awkward

Robin seems to think it’s a bit awkward to see Frida paying with her father as the child she still is

6916 New date

Frida is happy though and orders a new date

6917 Christoffer

This time she gets a boy her own age. A three-bolter named Christoffer Nilsson

6918 Hot

He thinks he hit the jackpot at least

6919 dance

Slow dance

6920 Loitering

And loitering on the playground

6921 Easy

She’s such an easy girl! Woohoo no 2 at age 15: Christoffer Nilsson

6922 Hot

Frida: ”Wow! I’ll get far with thes fabulous curves!!

6923 Sports reporter

In the meantime, Åsa finally finds her desired job in Journalism and starts working as a Sports Reporter

6924 Lunch
6925 Lunch

On her day off she invites over a couple of friends for lunch. Caroline is also her cousin.

6926 Date

New day, new date – Frida is causing her mother a lot of expenses

6927 Micke

This time it’s Micke, the grocery delivery guy

6928 Dance

Mandatory slow dancing

6929 Pillows

But this time the pillows are used differently and Micke does NOT become woohoo no 3 for Frida, even though he would love to!

Norrbo after round 25:
Åsa Benett
Frida Benett
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