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Year 93-96 Downtown - A New Relationship

Previously Downtown Anita lead a jetset diva life with helicopter rides to work and a lot of admirers. She reached her LTW of becoming a Prestidigitator.

6930 Year 93 downtown

Downtown year 93-96, Friday to Monday
Anita Jernelid, 43, Fortune, 2nd LTW Hand of Poseidon

6931 Warpaint

Since we were last here, Anita has tried out a new stylist. Now she looks like she wears warpaint

6932 BEtter

That's better!

6933 Cooking

Anita works as a Prestidigitator and it looks great when she cooks in her work uniform

6934 No Oceanography

She wants to shift careers though and become Hand of Poseidon, but there are no openings.

6935 Workout

While waiting for the right job, she works on her fitness hobby

6936 Michael

And booty calls her so-so boyfriend Michael Dalton

6937 No job
6938 PArty

Still no jobs on the horizon, so let’s stir things up with a party with a lot of drama potential

6939 Prof Korn

Professor Korn is inappropriate as ever. Ingeborg Wern  is not amused.

6940 Bye

So Anita asks her to leave, but it’s too late to save the party score

6941 No job

Still no jobs. Let’s invite some new people

6942 Leif

Leif Hartwig is always on the look-out for new friends and accepts to come over.

6943 Bye

When it’s time to go, he lets her know that there is something more between them, just waiting to be roused.

6944 No job

No jobs

6945 Leif

And Leif has no plans of leaving Anita’s mind. So she invites him over

6946 Love

We have immediate love

6947 Kiss
6948 Sofa
6949 Wants

They move fast, and Anita who never ever had any wishes for serious relationships suddenly wishes to get engaged to Leif

6950 Engagement

Anita: “Leif, will you marry me?”

6951 Say yes

”Please say yes!”

6952 Yes

And he does. And the next round, we will probably have one household less on the list...

Downtown after round 25:

Anita Jernelid
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