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Year 93-96 Annefors - Unexpected Pregnancies

Previously at Annefors, Louise maxed her Music&Dance enthusiasm. My flirted with Ulrika Myhr. We had a very dramatic family Sunday and Louise reached TOC and LTW. Then we had a wedding and now we have Mrs Wern and Mrs Wern living at Annefors.

6953 Year 93 Annefors

Annefors year 93-96, Tuesday to Friday
My Montell, 40, Romance, LTW Rock God
Louise Wern, 36, Popularity/Family, 2nd LTW Celebrity Chef

6954 Louise pregnant

We had the first suspicions at Holmsveden that Louise might be pregnant. She still shows signs to be, but upon checking she has not slept with a man for ages – if ever. We write it down to a game bug and pretend the lesbian couple decided to do an insemination

6955 Slacker TOC

The ”father” to be reaches the TOC of Slacker, despite her wish to become a Rock God. Still 1p!

6956 No music

No music jobs in sight

6957 Pop

The mysterious pregnancy is confirmed

6958 Lunch

Some domestic bliss with a joint meal

6959 No music

And still no job

6960 Bass guitar

Louise puts the new bass guitar to good use

6961 Babytime

Then it’s babytime

6962 Eva

Common name no 2 - Eva Wern is born on the 13th of August ’96.  She’s got brown hair and darkblue eyes, as expected – she will look like everybody else in this hood.

6963 Happy

The mothers are amazed and happy

6964 Eva tree

The game really considers My to be the ”father”

6965 No job

The job search continues. Still no Music jobs for My, but a Culinary job for Louise

6966 Playing

However, she’s busy playing with their new daughter

6967 No job

And by the time sits down at the computer the ad is gone

6968 My pregnant

WHAT!? When My comes home from work she’s pregnant! J68 realizes that probably there is a same-sex-hack installed that has never been activated before. That is not what we wish, and birthcontrol will be used in all gay couples henceforth. But this baby is apparently meant to be, so it will be allowed to be born, even though My is WAY too old on top of everything...

6969 Syphony Conductor

And now, when she cannot work, My finds a job as a Symphony Conductor. Well, it’s all good for when she goes back to work

Annefors after round 25:
Louise Wern
My Wern
Eva Wern
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