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Year 93-96 Apartment 1 - Nobody Cares

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Apr. 13th, 2013 | 04:25 pm

Previously at Apartment 1, Cristopher was thrown out of the family house Öljung and moved into an apartment in Bluewater. Not long after that, Annika was kicked out of the family house Öljung too, and moved in with him. Cristopher was straying but Annika didn't care

7003 CB year 93

Bardh’s Bachelor Pad year 93-96, Wednesday to Saturday
Cristopher Bardh, 75, Romance/Grilled Cheese, 2nd LTW Professional Partyguest
Annika Lind, 49, Romance, 2nd LTW Celebrity Chef

7004 Date

Cristopher Bardh is stuck in his Romance habits and dates women all the time

7005 Annika home

He doesn’t even care that his live-in girlsfriend comes home.

7006 Annika

The interesting thing is that she doesn’t care either, and neither does the date.

7007 No job

7008 No job

No new jobs for Annika

7009 Bees
7010 Birds

Instead she takes the opportunity to study the birds and the bees

7011 Ludvig in love

That night, Ludvig Burlin, their new neighbour, is visiting together with another guy in the building, and they really find each other! To be continued on his lot later on

7012 C GC

Cristopher and Annika keeps their front door unlocked, so the apartment is always full of people. That’s great for Cristopher, since he loves to cook Grilled Cheese for all.

7013 Intimate

The backside of that arrangement is that there is very little privacy, but no one cares about that here.

7014 No job
7015 No job

Still no job for Annika. Mattsmyra seems to fall into a recession again.

Apartment 1 after round 25:
Cristopher Bardh
Annika Lind

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Comments {4}


(no subject)

from: itlandm_sims
date: Apr. 13th, 2013 03:20 pm (UTC)

Unemployment seems to be a fixture of the near future. -_-
I am not sure exactly what ACR uses to calculate jealousy, but I know it takes a bit of bad luck to get jealousy among romance and pleasure sims. It can happen, but most of them are fairly resistant.

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(no subject)

from: jungfrun68
date: Apr. 13th, 2013 04:17 pm (UTC)

These two are the most unjealous sims I've ever had, I Think. Maybe that's why Cristopher succeeded in woohooing 20 sims!

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(no subject)

from: ciyrose
date: May. 16th, 2013 08:41 am (UTC)

Locks on doors is only for homes where free love isn't practiced. These guys seem to be all about love to all. lol....even with ACR they are the most unjealous sims I've ever seen too.

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(no subject)

from: jungfrun68
date: May. 17th, 2013 04:10 pm (UTC)

Only competing with the Holmsveden house - Sofia Mattsson and David Ottomas!

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