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Year 93-96 Apartment 3 - A Brother Moves In

Previously, Filip moved in to his apartment after Uni and started a career in Crime

7016 FB year 93

Bachelor Pad year 93-96, Tuesday to Friday
Filip Burlin, 24, Pleasure


Filip still looks for a job in the Gaming career, but cannot find one.


As a single gay guy, Filip needs a cat. (What – the readers think j68 is prejudicious?!) Don’t blame me, it’s Filip who wants it! J

7020 c

Look – he really wants a cat!

No job


Then he wants a kiss and invites his not-so-steady boyfriend Anders.


And we have love! Maybe there will be a more steady relationship in the future

7025 Year 95

But first – Ludvig moves in.
Ludvig Burlin, Fortune, LTW 5 top-level businesses

7026 Flowers

Anders comes back with a date gift for Filip

7027 Dino job

Ludvig is a Fortune sim and wants Dino to get a job. He accepts one for him in the Show Business career.

7028 Ludvig job

Then he wishes for a Criminal job for himself and accepts one as a Con Artist. He really wants to have 5 successful businesses, but for that we need cash.
We can also see his romantic prospects in this picture. Nero, who he crushed on at Bardh’s place is to the right.

7029 No job

Filip works in the criminal career too, but wants a Gamer job, but there are none

7030 Anders

So he busies himself with Anders instead

7031 All over

They are all over each other

7032 NEro

Ludvig wants some action too and invites Nero, but it doesn’t feel quite right and they never gets down to it.

7033 Dino

Instead he spends some time with Dino

7034 rts

And as a last note, we are happy to find that Filip now works as a Realtime Strategist.

Apartment 3 after round 25:
Filip Burlin
Ludvig Burlin
Dino, the cat
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