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Year 94-96 Apartment 4 - Shotgun Wedding

Previously, Sara and Sixten were in university, where Sixten became playable. Sara and Sixten have dated since their teens.

7035 y93 Montell

Apartment 4 year 94-96, Monday-Wednesday
Sara Montell, 23, Knowledge, LTW Education Minister
Sixten Mossberg, 23, Pleasure, LTW Professional Partyguest

7036 Gamer

It seems there is no problem to find a Gamer job if you really don’t want it. Sara would really prefer the Education career to fit her LTW, but immediately finds  a job as a Gold Farmer instead.

7037 No job

Sixten, who wants to become a Professional Partyguest, has no such luck

7038 Open door

The open-door-policy is practiced even here. It seems there is a bug somewhere with Kerstin Tidholm. She hangs around like if she lived in the building  and never goes home. She uses the tennants' bathrooms and fridges and passes out on their floors once in a while.

7039 Bed
7040 Bed

Sara and Sixten has a bed and they put it to good use – all the time

7041 Computer
7042 Computer

Except from when Kerstin breaks the computer and the landlady refuses to fix it

7043 Summer

Summer has come and while Sara is at work, Sixten acts out his Pleasure side and sits in the lawn chairs all day

7047 Flag capture

Sara gets promoted to Flag Capturer

7048 Pregnant

And we realize that she’s pregnant! She hasn’t been sick once

7049 Hot

Pregnancy is hot!

7050 Ring

We don’t want any more Montell kids in this hood, so an engagement is arranged

7052 Wedding

And a wedding – they are both happy to be married, and Sara’s dress conceals her babybump completely

7055 Jelly

Jelly is served, and Sara changes into her maternity wear

7056 Wellwishes

Wellwishes are received

7057 Cake

And cake finishes off the terrific party before the limo ride. See you next time!

Apartment 4 after round 25:
Sara (Montell) Mossberg
Sixten Mossberg
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