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Year 95-96 Apartment 5 - Tiny Apartment

Previously, Saga was in Uni and graduated in Biology

7059 Saga Rodiek

Apartment 5 year 95-96,
Saga Rodiek, 23, Fortune

7060 No job

We start as usual these days with a youth not able to get the job she wants. Apart from jobs she wants Alexander Johansson

7061 Alex

He’s still in college, so she’ll have to wait until he graduates to get her wish of getting engaged and married to him.

7062 No job

In the meantime, she lives in her tiny apartment and tries to get a job

7063 Visit

And she visits her neighbours in their tiny apartments with the exact same type of furniture

7064 Roof party

She even tries a roof party

7065 Whale tracker

And suddenly one day there is an opening in her desired Oceanography career as a Whale Tracker. Time stops as she gets the opportunity of her dreams – and the rest of the story will evolve next time. See ya!

Apartment 5 after round 25:

Saga Rodiek
Tags: sr_apartment

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