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Myren year 97-100 - Shrinking Family

Previously at Myren, Adam reached the top of the Slacker career, then landed a job in Gaming, only not, since the game crashed. Rolf and Britta were dating and Rolf wished every time to fall in love with Ingeborg Wern, Adam's mother. Rolf chose a secondary aspiration of Family. Lisa had the glitchiest birthday ever, including five cakes, invisibility and game crashes. Alva did teen stuff.

7099 Myren 97

Rolf Myhr, 70, Pleasure/Family, LTW 50 dreamdates
Britta Myhr, 70, Pleasure, LTW 100 first dates (!)
Ulrika Myhr, 32, Knowledge/Popularity, LTW Space Pirate
Alva Myhr, 18, Popularity, LTW Mayor
Lisa Myhr, 4

Adam moved out and is now engaged to Siri Törnblad.

7100 MAd

Ulrika is upset with Adam for breaking their engagement. Not that she didn’t have anything to do with it…

7101 No good

Lisa took a hard hit, too, but since she wishes for all sorts of skills it will be easily mended. Children forget fast.

7102 Wish

Rolf and Britta are constantly dating and Rolf always wishes to fall in love with Ingeborg, Lisa’s Farmor when dating his wife.

7103 Shopping

Alva does as teens usually do, she goes shopping on Saturday, but the service at Amelia’s is really too bad

7104 Mad

The line grows and the staff ignores all customers

7105 No

At last she throws her bags on the floor and takes her business elsewhere!

7106 Shoppping

At the Papaya Republic they have better sense and Alva can finish her shopping

7107 International

Back home, Ulrika is promoted to International Agent Sim and brings Adam’s new father-in-law Allan with her home.

7108 Song

And Britta teaches Lisa a nursery rhyme

7109 Birthday

It’s Lisa’s birthday and Ulrika is civilized and invites her father, despite her own feelings.

7110 Child

Lisa grows up very well

7111 Congrats

Lisa: ”Congratulations Dad, to you engagement to Siri!”

7112 Glasses

Then she gets a new look, which she doesn’t care for much.

7113 Good

It’s a good party though!

7114 Grants

Then Alva picks up her grants for Charisma and grades and heads off to Uni, where we will see her later this round

7115 Evert tree
7116 Lisa tree

Time for Family Sunday! Parents, children and siblings to all members in the house are invited, but no adult nephews and nieces. (They have their own lives)

7117 Small

This family is rather small, especially since Ulrika’s adult cousins are not invited. Alva is here in her Uni overalls

7118 Fight

It does not take more than two minutes before Adam and Alva are fighting. Ulrika and Alva’s cousins Moa and Matilda are cheering them on, while aunt Agnes is astonished

7119 ALva loses

Alva loses and Adam looks really satisfied, while the cousins seem to be disappointed.

7120 Lisa

Lisa then invites her aunt Alva to play video games with her, while Farmor Ingeborg looks on

7121 Date

Rolf is close to dying, but not close to his LTW/IW so we try to get another date in for him. As usual he wants to fall in love with Ingeborg, who is now on the lot!

7122 Ingeborg

He closes in on her

7123 HAnds

He takes her hands

7124 Okej

And we have love, but the date with Britta goes down to Okej

7125 Silly

And it goes down to silly even though Rolf tries to say he’s sorry

7126 Horrible

Then j68 leaves all three in the hottub since it starts to get better between them, but Rolf must have done something more with Ingeborg right in front of Britta.
She’s furious and betrayed once more and the date ends horribly
Britta: “Don’t even THINK about calling me again!”

7127 Ingeborg

So Rolf thinks, ”What the heck” and asks Ingeborg for a date instead

7128 Furious

But no more does the date start before it ends with the appearance of the grim Reaper. Lisa is furious with both her Morfar and her Farmor

7129 Cheer

So, Lisa’s cheering when her Morfar dies

7130 Bad date

At the age of only 72, the 18th of July ’98, Rolf Myhr ends his life on this earth in platinum (1p) and leaves insurance money to children, grandchildren, his sister and his friends, but nothing to his wife. The business lot, which we forgot we had, goes to Ulrika.
And Ingeborg says that she would rather chew her own leg off before dating Rolf again. What an exit!

7131 Show ooff

Inside, nobody mourns Rolf, but Lisa shows off to her dad who is still here


The ad in the newspaper is not bigger than absolutely necessary

7132 Sad

Ulrika is the only one who is sorry for the loss of her father. She was at work when hell broke loose so she missed what he did apparently.

7133 body

The next few days, life turns back to normal at Myren. Ulrika maxes her Body skill

7134 Charisma

And her Charisma skill

7135 Homework

And helps Lisa with her homework, behaving like a normal Knowledge sim for once

7136 BF

Lisa becomes best friends with her Mormor

7137 Plays

Plays games with her cousin Erik

7138 Sports

Finds that her true hobby is Sports

7139 Grades

And does well in school

7140 Jump

Meanwhile, Britta is a typical Pleasure sim. She loves jumping on the couch, watching TV and taking bubble baths

7141 Happiness

But she also wishes to, and succeeds to learn about Lifelong Happiness

7142 Date

She also dates her old friend Gabriel Hansson, who secretly wishes to fall in love with her


He's easy prey, and he even want to get engaged to Britta. She has no  such wishes regarding him


It’s of course a dream date, but Britta has a really, really long way to go before she reaches her LTW of having 100 (!) first dates and will never make it. She will probably not make it through next round even.

Myren after round 26:
Britta Myhr
Ulrika Myhr
Lisa Myhr
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