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University part 1 - Year 97-98


Year 97 - Helsinge Nation
9963 GH year 97

This year's update starts at the Greek House. There lives at the moment:

Jesper Burlin, Philosophy Junior (Natalie’s brother), Pleasure
Bertil Mattsson, No major, Sophomore (Tommy’s nephew), Family
Tommy Ottomas, Economics Sophomore (Bertil’s uncle), Fortune
Alexander Johansson, Art Junior, Pleasure
Natalie Burlin, Mathematics Sophomore (Jesper’s sister), Fortune
Svea Rodiek, Physics Sophomore, Knowledge


9964 Tommy Berit

As soon as the lot loads, things are happening. The unwanted baby Berit Carlsson graduated last round but is invited back to attend a party at the GH. The unwanted ex townie Tommy Ottomas wants her badly and kisses her.

9965 Alexander Stina

Alexander is a very naughty Pleasure sim and seduces his mother’s cousin Stina, Family sim, married with twin toddlers at home. She practically raised him, no less!

9966 Skilling

After the party we go back to skilling. Svea maxes her body skill and Tommy works on Logic

9967 Term papers

Term papers are to be written

9968 Skills

And more skills to be trained

9969 Party

Another party is to be had, including cow fight. The girls on the left, Helena and Berit, are both claimed by boys in this house. Helena will marry Jesper and Berit is dating Tommy as we saw earlier

9970 Logic

Friendships are formed

9971 Hobby

And true hobbies are discovered

9972 Philosophy

Since Bertil is a Family sim, he never had any desire for a certain major, and now when he finishes his sophomore year SCL, he is automatically enrolled in Philosophy

Year 97 – The Dorms
9973 Year 97 Stina Benett

Stina Benett, Family sim, arrives to the dorms together with her father Max. He had a great time here at Uni but doesn’t seem to approve of his daughter’s choice of outfit. We don’t either, so we’ll fix that as soon as possible

9974 Wish gert

Stina wishes for her friend Gert to come to Uni, and since they are BFFs and he’s a townie, he’s allowed to come

9975 Gert wrong

There’s something wrong with him though – he has no aspiration, even though his aspiration level would imply he’s a romancer

9976 Love

It doesn’t take long before they are in love, despite one bolt. Typical Family/Romance connection. J68 is not entirely happy with this development, but we’ll see where we end up

9977 No Bertil

Stina tries to get a membership in the GH, and finds, to J68 relief, that Bertil Mattsson is only one bolt despite him being a Family sim too. He’s promised to Svea, so that’s all good

9978 Bowling

As usual, the first try-out is unsuccessful, but it’s a good thing to have a bowling alley at the dorms, it keeps the GH members from disappearing during try-out

9979 Accepted

The second try is more successful. And we still see traces that Rut Mattsson grew up in this dorm

9980 Accepted

Gert does a couple of tries too, before he is accepted in Helsinge Nation

9981 Kiss

Stina and Gert celebrates with a first kiss

9982 Moves

Then they move out of the dorms. Stina moves to the GH, and Gert moves to another dorm.

Year 98 – Helsinge Nation
9983 GH year 98

Back to Helsinge Nation. The same kids live here still, except that Stina moved in with an undecided major

9984 Term papers

To avoid procrastination, j68 puts everybody down to write their term papers as soon as possible after they fill the required skills

9985 Hobby
9986 Music
9987 Nature

They are also allowed to pursue their hobbies, which results in a plaque in Arts&Crafts for Stina, maxed Creativity for Bertil and a bronze badge in gardening for Svea.

9988 Love
9989 Engage
9990 Engage

The love story between the unwanted sims continues, and by the end of the year they are engaged. At least, now we know what to do with Tommy.

9991 Cow

The engaegement makes them both happy, but the stinky and annoying cow mascot nearly ruins the moment

9992 Saga

Alexander dates Svea’s sister Saga, and she wishes for little else than to be with him. He’s not really that much into her, but he’ll have to comply, since his house will be inherited by his second cousins, the twins of Stina (who he seduced earlier this round)

9992 Woohoo

He doesn’t have any problems with spending some time in the hottub with Saga too, though

9993 Linn

Bertil has problems with the cheer leader Linn. They really hate each other

9994 Svea

But he sure loves his girlfriend Svea.

9995 Max logic

Svea loves skilling too and maxes her Logic skill with the help of Natalie, who has been pretty invisible this round.

9996 Plaque

And when Alexander isn’t busy seducing women in the hottub he plays the guitar, and he eventually earns a plaque in Music&Dance

9997 SCL
9998 MCL

Then – graduation. Jesper graduates SCL in Philosophy – 1p, while Alexander graduates MCL in Art.

9999 PArty

Let’s party!

90000 Graduation

Jesper chooses to take his graduation picture with Alexander, instead of his girlfriend Helena Markövertag. Well, well, he’ll spend the rest of his life with her.

90001 Party

As soon as Jesper’s party is over, Alexander’s start. He looks very colourless without his mohawk

90002 Engage
90003 Engage

Alexander does what is expected of him and is happy that Saga is happy to be engaged to him

At the end of ’98 the following students live at Helsinge Nation:
Bertil Mattsson, SCL Philosophy Senior
Natalie Burlin, Mathematics Senior
Stina Benett, MCL Philosophy Junior
Svea Rodiek, SCL Physics Senior
Tommy Ottomas, MCL Economics Senior

Year 98 – The Dorms

90004 Year 98 Alva

Year 98, Alva Myhr, Popularity, comes to the dorms to start her higher education.


Her first wish is that Glen Nyman, Gert’s brother, would come to Uni. And with the same logic that brought his brother here, Glen is allowed to come too.


Glen is a boring sim, who we don’t even remember what aspiration he has. Maybe Fortune

90007 Year 98

The sims wishes, combined with j68 wish to have population control, but still to stick to the rules of the challenge, has resulted in the fact that Alva now shares her dorm with both the Nyman brothers

90008 No GH
90009 GH

First try-out to the GH is unsuccessful, but the second is better

90010 No GH

Glen doesn’t succeed.

90011 Love

But he DOES succeed in getting Alva to fall in love with him, despite only one bolt. J68 is equally annoyed as when Gert seduced Stina

90012 Clean

The year in the dorms is extremely boring, but Alva at least uses it to do good things – for example cleaning autonomously. Good girl!

90013 Stina

Gert, who lives here, too, booty calls Stina Benett and they do naughty things. When he finishes his sophomore year he is rolled Fortune (I think), so now he’s got an aspiration after all!

90014 Moves

At the end of the year 98, the dorm ”family” splits up. Alva moves to the GH, SCL with no major, and the Nyman brothers will move on to the next dorm and spend a year with the Mattsmyra kids coming in year 99.

Next - back to the hood
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