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Korskrogen year 97-100 - Rescue Operation

Previously at Korskrogen, Noel filled his aspiration panel. Caroline didn't get a wishing well and worked to get more lovers. Alexander moved to Uni. Maja learned to study. Stina and Tony had twins Charlie and Jonathan, at the very last moment before she got too old. Stina got a secondary aspiration of grilled Cheese and started in the Law Enforcement career. Noel started in the Slacker career and grew up to elder, and Caroline reached the top of Dance.

7145 Korskrogen year 97

The family of Korskrogen consists of:
Noel Bardh, 54, Romance/Grilled Cheese, 3rd LTW Professional Party Guest
Caroline Johansson, 51, Romance, LTW 20 lovers
Stina Johansson, 51, Family/Grilled Cheese, 2nd LTW Captain Hero
Tony Johansson, 33, Fortune, LTW Business Tycoon
Maja Johansson, 11
Charlie Johansson, 1
Jonathan Johansson, 1
Rio and Janeiro, dogs


7146 Loves

Caroline’s LTW to have 20 simultaneous lovers is hard  to achieve with a family around her, but she is about half way there.

7147 Outing

Saturday Caroline decides to take Maja to the park, just because j68 is lazy regarding taking the sims to community lots.

7148 Catch

They play catch in the beautiful summer weather, and in the distance a gorgeous man is approaching

7149 Swing

Caroline swings Maja around and the guy watches them closely

7150 Nathaniel

His name is Nathaniel Galvander and he likes the weather too.

7151 Flirt

Caroline finds Nathaniel two bolts hot

7152 Date

They start a date and suddenly Caroline becomes obsessed with marriage, to anyone, it seems!

7153 Eat

Even though she’s dating Nathaniel, Caroline doesn’t forget to feed her daughter, so they have some hot dogs

7154 Anton

Oops! Anton Pitts, one of Caroline’s college lovers is in the park and he does not appreciate what he sees.

7155 Dance

This I never saw before: Anton says he knows loads of people in Dance and he will tell them all what a bitch Caroline is and she will not have a promotion. Luckily Caroline is already an the top!

7156 Angry

He really holds a grudge – but just wait!

7157 Sentry

Hahaha! Noel bought a sentrybot while unplayable, and now it comes into action

7158 My

Then Caroline continues to shift her friends list to a lover list. Next in line is My (Montell) Wern

7159 Isak

And Maja wishes to be friends with Isak, Nathaniel’s son

7160 Maja birthday

It’s her birthday, so maybe we will see Isak here again soon…

7161 Family

She rolls Family! Maybe she is affected by Stina more than Caroline. Her LTW is to become Captain Hero.

7162 Teen

Noel: ”Huh?! What happened to my little girl? Hmm, nice piece of a**!”
NOEL! She’s your daughter!

7163 Charlie
7164 Charlie
7165 Jonathan
7166 Jonathan

It’s the babies’ birthday too and they grow up to toddlers, but then disaster stikes – Charlie is gone from the family panel and as soon as we discover that the game crashes.

7167 Crash

And it continues to crash on loading, at the same point every time. We even try to move them out and then back in, but it doesn’t work. After some consideration, we keep them in the simbin and imports a backed up copy of the lot itself, then keep our fingers crossed….

7168 Works

And it works! All their stuff is gone, including hobby plaques and diplomas, but they are all here and seem fine. What a relief!

7169 Everyday

It's wonderful to see them do everyday stuff again!

7170 Jörgen

It’s still Saturday and Maja is sent downtown to buy a cell phone. She meets her uncle Jörgen at one of the stores

7171 Phone
7172 Photo

She greets all teens she meets, but no one is interesting. So she buys her phone, takes a few photos and heads home. At home it has become Monday

7173 webdesign

And Noel is promoted to Freelancing web designer

7174 My

When we sent Maja around town we realized that we own a community lot – a pet park. Caroline goes there Tuesday when Noel is off work, to continue her own work of getting more lovers.
My doesn’t mind making out with her.

7175 Love

And we have love and an accidental level 2 for the business. It looks like Caroline is falling in love with Oscar Rodiek, but it’s My.

7176 Nathaniel

Then she asks My to leave and invites Nathaniel instead

7177 Love

And we have another love

7178 Sec Pleasure

The recent events have left Caroline with enough aspiration to choose a secondary aspiration of Pleasure

7179 Prof Party

And Noel fulfills his third LTW by reaching the top of the Slacker career. 1p!
His next goal in life is to eat 200 grilled cheese.

7180 Noel tree

Since the game took Sunday away from us, we’ll arrange a Family Tuesday instead.
Noel’s father and two brothers will be invited, and of course Alexander, Maja’s brother, who just graduated from college and lost his mohawk.

7181 Caroline

The game does not recognize Carolines half-brother Max as her brother since he was adopted at a young age, but he will be invited anyway

7182 Stina

Stina has a halfsister, Åsa, who has a daughter of her own. They are of course invited too.

7183 Tony

Tony becomes promoted to Field Sales Rep just as the guests are arriving

7184 Jörgen

Maja influences her uncle Jörgen to flirt with her second cousin Frida

7185 Not impressed

Frida is not impressed.

7186 Police chief

Stina comes home promoted to Police Chief

7187 Elder

And she becomes an elder in a sweat suit

7188 Elder

Caroline is the same age and grows up well, too

7189 Anton

And by that time, Anton has forgiven Caroline for her cheating

7190 Junior ex

Tony is promoted to Junior Executive on his sons’ birthday

7191 Charlie
7192 Charlie
7193 Jonathen
7194 Jonathan
7195 Twins

The active twins get each a track suit and the same haircut, but still look very different. And with that, we leave for this time, happy that this lot could be finished.

Korskrogen after round 26:
Noel Bardh
Caroline Johansson
Maja Johansson
Stina Johansson
Tony Johansson
Charlie Johansson
Jonathan Johansson
Rio and Janeiro, dogs
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