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Roteberg year 97-100 - Birthdays

Previously at Roteberg, Patrik filled his aspiration panel and earned a plaque in Culinary. Marie grew up to toddler and the boys learned to study. Wilhelm started a career as a Slacker. At the end of the round, our popular author Susanne died in platinum.

7196 Roteberg y97

Roteberg year 97-100, Saturday to Tuesday

Patrik Mellberg, 69, Popularity/Grilled Cheese
Monica Berg, 37, Family/Fortune, LTW 6 grandchildren
Wilhelm Törnblad, 35, Pleasure/Family, 2nd LTW Professional Party Guest
Niklas Berg, 11
Robert Berg, 11
Marie Törnblad, 4
Kompis, the cat


7197 Spa

Saturday has become the new outing day of Mattsmyra. Wilhelm brings Niklas and Robert to the Spa&Pool

7198 Pool
7199 Spa

The place is completely empty, so the boys can have all the pool to themselves and Wilhelm the hot tub.

7200 Line

In the shopping area there are more people and they all stand in line without getting any service. Wilhelm tries to buy new summer clothes for the family, but needs to take the boys to lunch before he reaches the register.

7201 Hot dogs

So they have a couple of hotdogs at a nearby café before heading home. Wilhelm needs to go to work.

7202 Web

He gets promoted to webdesigner and comes home just in time for the big birtday party. All the kids have their birthdays today.

7203 Niklas
7204 Robert
7205 Niklas
7206 Robert

First the boys. They look exactly the same. It has always been hard to tell them apart and it will not be easier now.

7207 Pop
7208 Rom

At least they choose different aspirations. Niklas is Popularity and wishes for 5 successful businesses (sigh), while Robert is a romancer who wishes to become a Rock God, which is totally acceptable.
Niklas seems to want a trophy wife, turning on from make-up and unemployment, while Robert goes more for the fitness type

7209 Marie
7210 Marie

Little sister Marie grows up well, too and looks like a little princess in her summer dress.

7211 Monica tree

Family Sunday is closing in, and Monica’s sister Lena with husband and daughter will come

7212 Wilhelm tree

On Wilhelm’s side, his parents will come and his brother and sister with their fiancés. It will not be a very big Family Sunday

7213 Garden

Here you can see the family gathering, and also catch a glimpse of the fabulous garden at Roteberg. Usually the houses in Mattsmyra have no gardens at all.

7214 BF

Family Sunday can be a great time to connect with your father. With a stay-at-home mother, maybe it’s easy that the father doesn’t get so much involved in the kids.

7215 HArtwig

Lena, Monica’s sister, is pregnant, so the kids in this house will soon have a new cousin. Lena is married to Gustav, and his father Leif is crashing the family Sunday, too.

7217 Skilling

Niklas and Robert do a lot of autonomous skilling. Good boys!

7216 Woohoo
7219 Woohoo

Monica wishes for another child, and as soon as they are both awake, Wilhelm and her are at it to try to conceive. We leave it up to Risky, though

7218 Asp

Wilhelm has reached the point where he can fill his aspiration panel. Way to go! 3p!

7220 Grades

Monday, Niklas comes home with A+ grades. Uncle Gustav still hangs around since Sunday.

7221 Jonathan

Marie wishes for a friend and takes the opportunity to greet Jonathan Johansson of Korskrogen when he passes by.

7222 Study

Then she learns to study with the help of Monica. The house is so cramped it’s really hard to get good pictures. This one is taken through the panels of the podium outside

7223 Quiet

It’s a really quiet week, Monica and Patrik have lunch together. She is still not pregnant

7224 Science

Marie autonomously went to the telescope and found her true hobby, which is Science. Hopefully she’ll grow up to be a Knowledge sim.

7225 Prof

Wilhelm becomes a Professional Party guest and earns 1p! His new LTW is to become Education Minister – his family secondary kicks in

7226 Grades

Marie is a good girl and get A+ grades, too!

7227 Robert

J68 got tired of the boys looking the same, so the Romancer Robert gets a new haircut – the same as his father. And he plays kicky ball with two-bolter Gry Nyman. Maybe another Nyman will sneak their way into the story via Uni in the future…?

7228 Woohoo

And we end this update with the still not pregnant Monica, trying desperately…

Roteberg after round 26:
Patrik Mellberg
Monica Törnblad
Wilhelm Törnblad
Niklas Berg
Robert Berg
Marie Törnblad
Kompis, the cat
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