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Letsbo year 97-100 - Dog Day Afternoon

Previously at Letsbo, Gerd started to adopt puppies to raise instead of breeding them. Four grew up and six new were adopted. David painted master pieces. Allegra died at age 82 (!) during Family Sunday and Gerd's sisters-in-law Ulrika and Annika became enemies. Alf and Ingela grew up well to teens, Romance and Knowledge respectively. They both prefer girls and were accepted in private school.

7229 Letsbo y97

Letsbo year 97-100, Wednesday to Saturday

David Lind, 47, Popularity, LTW General
Gerd Lind, 46, Family, LTW Raise 20 puppies or kittens
Alf Lind, 13
Ingela Lind, 13
Gamma, Hera, Ipsilon, Jippi, Kerma, Lambda, puppies


7230 Sec fortune

Upon opening the lot, we find that David Lind, 47, has enough aspiration points to claim a secondary aspiration of Fortune.

7231 Bronze

Gerd spends some time in the dog pen, tending to the small garden she’s got here, and she earns a bronze badge in gardening.

7232 Dogs
7233 Dog

Four dogs grow up to adults on Wednesday

7234 SWAT

When David and Gerd come home from work, Gerd is promoted to SWAT team leader. Then she uses the rest of the evening to handle dog business.

7235 Adopt

First, the four adult dogs that are given up for adoption

7236 My
7237 Nano
7238 Omega
7239 Piko

And four new puppies are adopted. More than six puppies at a time is just too much.

7240 Ingela

Ingela really loves her mother’s dogs. She welcomes each and every one of them and builds relations to them

7241 Omega

Omega, who was adopted just Wednesday, grows up on Thursday

7242 Kerma

And so does Kerma. The butler Oscar is there to see it.

7243 Adopt

So out with the old ones

7244 Queenie
7245 Reva

And in with the new!

7246 Daogs

Gerd hardly gets a chance to spend time with her dogs, Ingela just loves them!

7247 Romance

In the meantime, Alf the romancer tries to get some romance. Nova is just one bolt.

7248 LAmbda

Friday, it’s only one puppy growing up. It’s Lambda.

7249 Adopt

Off she goes

7250 Sigma

And in with Sigma

7251 Date

Alf wishes for a date

7252 Märta

And he gets Märta, who is an adult

7253 Kiss

He really likes her!

7254 General

At age 50, David gets promoted to the top of the Military career and is now General Lind. It was also his LTW. 2p!
His new goal in life is to become a Rock God

7255 Police Chief

And at the same time, Gerd, 49, is promoted to Police Chief

7256 Try for baby

They celebrate by Trying for baby!! Luckily, Gerd is on birth control.

7257 Bath

Ingela takes a bath in the dog tub and is visited by the Leader of the Pack. The gate locked for pets didn't stop him!

7258 Asp

David has a full aspiration panel! 3p!

7259 No job

But there are no available jobs in the Music career.

7260 Phone
7261 Phone

Saturday is shopping day. Ingela and Alf goes downtown in their pyjamas to buy cell phones

7262 MP3

Alf buys an MP3-player, too

7263 Groceries

Ingela is responsible and buys some groceries

7264 Allan

Back home, David becomes best friends with his work mate Allan Wikmark


In the evening, Ingela spens som time stargazing


When all of a sudden, she sees something strange...


She gets abducted!

7270 Back

A few hours later, she's dumped on the sidewalk, and family and friends cheer for her. She is a bit stunned, but she really loved it, being a Knowledge sim, and she would love to do it again!

Letsbo after round 26:
David Lind
Gerd Lind
Alf Lind
Ingela Lind
Puppies: My, Nano, Piko, Queenie, Reva, Sigma
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