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Färila year 97-100 - Plus Two

Previously at Färila, Leif filled his aspiration panel and started dating Anita Jernelid. Gustav acquired a secondary aspiration of Knowledge and Lena of Grilled Cheese. The business of Amelia's was fluctuating badly, while the gym level rose steadily. Gustav reached the top of the Political career and is now the Mayor of Mattsmyra. Birgit grew up to toddler and then child. Lena got pregnant a second time.

7306 Hartwig y97

Färila year 97-100 - Saturday to Tuesday
Leif Hartwig, 72, Popularity/Pleasure, LTW 5 top-level businesses
Gustav Hartwig, 33, Popularity/Knowledge, LTW 20 pet best friends
Lena Hartwig, 33, Romance/Grilled Cheese, LTW Rock God
Birgit Hartwig, 5
Beta, the dog

7307 Mother daughter

We start this update with some mother/daughter bonding, awaiting the birth of Birgit's little sister or brother

7308 Babytime


7309 Clone

It’s a boy! At 5.39 am on the 8th of August ’97, Popular name no 7, Liam, sees the light of day. He’s a clone of his sister, as tradition is in this house. The kids’ father Gustav is a clone of his older sister, too.

7310 Lvl 7
7311 Yell

Leif struggles with the popularity of Amelia's. The level drops instead of rises. I really don’t know what’s wrong with this place!

7312 Anita

At least he gets some comfort in Anita, his new fiancée, who comes by.

7313 Good review

After many hours at Amelia’s, Leif goes to his other place, the 1-2-3+ Gym. Not more does he set foot on the lot, than he gets a good review.

7314 NAnna

His employee Nanna is an asset to the company, cleaning bathrooms and dishes off the table

7315 Christoffer

His childrens’ cousin, Christoffer Montell, is a regular at the gym

7316 Yoga

Sometimes Leif himself has some time to do a workout

7317 Lvl 7

And soon we have level 7

7318 Elisabet

Elisabet is a member at the gym, too

7319 Outing

In the meantime, Gustav takes the big sister Birgit downtown to go to the hair dresser

7320 Skeptic

She’s a bit skeptical

7321 Gustav loves

Gustav loves it!

7322 Skeptic

Hair Dresser: ”Do you want to take a look?”
Birgit: “I’m not sure…”

7323 Great

HD: ”You look great!”
Birgit: “Yay! I love it!”

7324 Roland

Then she meets Roland Burlin, who might be a possible match for her. They are actually distantly related – Roland is Gustav’s second cousin and they are five years apart, but we’ll see.

7325 Swing

Gustav and Birgit stays downtown all day, to let Lena and Liam rest in peace

7326 Swim
7327 Swim

They even go swimming after darkness falls

7328 Rope

Back home Birgit finds that her preferred hobby is Fitness. Why doesn’t swimming count as fitness? Is that sports?

7329 GC

Then Lena and Birgit have a late dinner of grilled Cheese. It's the thing Lena usually cooks, being a secondary GC sim and all.

7330 Leif tree

And now – the mandatory family trees as preparation for Family Sunday. Leif is generation 2. His mother was Ida Mattsson, who married Lasse Hartwig and introduced that name in the hood.

7331 Leif tree

Leif has clone children Elisabet and Gustav, and Gustav has clone children Birgit and Liam. Elisabet’s boys are not clones

7332 Lena tree

Lena is the second daughter of Patrik Mellberg, the former mail man, and Susanne Berg, the late successful author. She’s got sister Monica who has three children with Wilhelm Törnblad

7333 Wedding

It will not be a traditional Family Sunday – we will have a wedding!

7334 Guests

Here comes the guests!

7335 Bride

And here’s the bride and groom!

7336 wedding
7337 Wedding
7338 wedding

And on the 21st of September ’98, Anita Jernelid becomes Mrs Leif Hartwig and moves in with some 33.000 added to the family funds

7339 Helicopter

And a helicopter in her inventory. There’s no room for a helicopter pad on this lot though, so it gets sold.

7340 Gustav asp

The wedding, or something else, makes Gustav very happy and he fills his aspiration panel.

7341 Birgit

Kids in formal wear is extremely rare in my game, so have to show you Birgit in her pretty dress!

7342 Marie

She bonds with her cousin Marie in another pretty dress, which is actually her everyday clothes.

7343 Limo

It’s a roof-lifter party, and the newlyweds run off to the awaiting limo, while the guests are emptying the bar, just like with ordinary weddings. :)
Congratulations to Mr Hartwig and his 25 years younger wife!

7344 No job

Back home after the honey moon, the grey everyday life resumes. Anita is at the top of the Show Business career (or is it Entertainment? They have the same name in Swedish) being a Prestidigitator, but she wishes to become Hand of Poseidon. There are no such jobs available.

7345 Amelias

Leif’s everyday life consists of working his businesses. Malin at Amelia’s earns her silver badge in stocking

7346 Register

The store is full of people, but Leif has to work the register himself, since his manager Kenny keeps ordering Malin to do stocking

7347 New girl

So he employs a new girl, maybe named Felicia, who already has a silver badge in register.

7348 Gym

Then he goes to the gym to meet some nice people

7349 Kepp up

And to tidy up the place

7350 Bar

He works the bar himself

7351 Lvl 8

And we easily reach level 8. Amazing difference between the businesses – it has been said many times before, but it’s really fascinating!

7352 Asset

Back home, the new Mrs Hartwig proves to be an asset to the family, changing diapers still in her wedding gown.

7353 Ghost

And the ghosts keep Birgit up at night

7354 Ida

It seems the wedding triggered Ida to haunt worse than ever. Doesn’t she approve of Leif new wife? In that case she should go after Anita and not poor Birgit and Lena!
Gustav, with the annoying LTW of 20 pet best friends, plays with a stray

7355 Liam

Then it’s Liam’s birthday, attended by the immediate family only

7356 Aries

Of course he is an Aries, as everybody else in this family, very neat and active and extremely outgoing.

7357 Underwater blaster

By morning, Anita finds a job as an Underwater Blaster

7358 Batlle

And Lena is promoted to Battle of the Bands Judge

7359 Demote

At Amelia’s, Leif feels forced to demote his long time friend and manager, since he keeps putting people in the wrong places at the store, resulting in poorer levels and loss of loyalty stars. Maybe it will work better from no on.

7360 Mayor

Gustav is the Mayor of Mattsmyra and commutes by helicopter. Not very environmentally friendly!
And since both him and Leif are Popularity sims, every afternoon there is a long row of people asking if they are still alive and if it’s so hard to keep in touch

7361 Walk

Domestic bliss – Leif teaches Liam to walk

7362 Homework

Anita teaches Birgit to study

7363 Talk

Gustav teaches Liam to talk

7364 Malin

The first session at Amelia’s after Kenny had to step down from manager works fine. Malin gets a bronze badge in sales

7365 Lvl 8

And soon we have level 8

7366 Lvl 7

Or 7. Maybe it wasn’t entirely Kenny’s fault…

7367 Gm

Let’s go to the gym instead!

7368 Pregnant

Elisabet is apparently expecting again, and tells her friend Siri all about it
The loyalty stars pour in

7369 Zumba

Leif hosts a Zumba class

7370 Lvl 9

And while relaxing in the hottub, the gym reaches level 9

7371 Grades

And Birgit gets good grades.

7372 Marine biologist

While Anita gets promoted to Marine Biologist

7373 Trining

Gustav invites his cousin Christoffer just to be able to train his dog Macke

7374 Roadie

Macke learns ”Here!” by the time Lena is promoted to Roadie

7375 Lena asp

That makes her very happy and she fills her aspiration panel. 3p! And there we end this very long update!

Färila after round 26:
Leif Hartwig
Anita (Jernelid) Hartwig
Gustav Hartwig
Lena Hartwig
Birgit Hartwig
Liam Hartwig
Beta, the dog
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