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Österås year 97-100 - Good Scandal

Previously at Österås, Ralf proposed to Elin and they got married while she was heavily pregnant. Twins Siv and Albin were born a grew up to toddlers. Vera got a secondary aspiration of Grilled Cheese. Jörgen grew up to a Knowledge teen. Ralf and Vera grew up well to elders. It was a hot summer.

7425 Österås y 97

Österås year 97-100, Saturday to Tuesday
Ralf Lilja, 54, Knowledge, LTW Mad Scientist
Vera Johansson, 54, Romance/Grilled Cheese, LTW Hall of Famer
Elin Tång, 39, Knowledge/Grilled Cheese, 4th LTW Head of SCIA
Jörgen Johansson, 14, Knowledge, LTW Education Minister
Albin Lilja, 3
Siv Lilja, 3

7426 Hot

We start this round with Jörgen going swimming on this hot summer Saturday. You can see already in the family portrait that he is overheated, as is Elin.

7427 Tina
7428 No date

When he cools off he starts to get to know some girls. Tina is one bolt hot, but not very nice.
He asks her for a date but she turns him down

7429 Carola
7430 Phone

He continues downtown to do some shopping and meets Carola Thörn, who is two bolts hot. It doesn’t lead anywhere, though, so he buys himself a cell phone instead

7431 No job

At home, Elin tries to find a job in the Agent career, to fulfill her fourth (!) LTW, but no such jobs are available

7432 Hall of Fame

Vera comes home promoted to Hall of Famer finally, which was her LTW. 2p! Now she wishes for 20 simultaneous lovers

7433 Asp

And she fills her aspiration panel. 3p!

7434 Ralf tree

Family Sunday is a bit complicated in this house. Starting with Ralf, he’s gott two sisters and one brother who are townies and cannot be summoned. He’s got one dead brother, Zeeshan, who was an excellent clerk in Britta Logren’s businesses. His brother Thomas Cormier is a playable though, and is invited with his wife Molly.

7435 Vera tree

Vera has no other family than the one living in this house, apart from PT11, her extraterrestrial father, who is not possible to summon either.

7436 Jörgen tree

Jörgen’s father is Cristopher Bardh, and therefore, Simon and Noel Bardh are his brothers. They are all invited with their girlfriends.

7437 Elin tree

Elin’s earthly father Elmer Tång is still alive and gets invited, along with Elin’s sister Engla and her husband.

7438 Family

Welcome! Let the drama begin

7439 Double agent

The get-together starts out calmly enough, and Elin has time to find a job in the Intelligence career.

7440 Jealousy

Soon, though, there is a scandal, but a good one. Noel makes out with Caroline in the hot tub. They live together and have two children. However, Noel has flirted with, and probably bedded, Maud Torell, and she falls out of love with Noel. The good thing is that she is supposed to be married to Simon, Noel’s brother, and for future family Sundays it’s good if she’s not in love with her brother-in-law!

7441 Theorist

Then Ralf comes home promoted to Theorist.

7442 Siv birthday
7443 Albin birthday

The family also takes the opportunity to celebrate the twins’ birthday while the family is already there.

7444 Family

And then the nuclear family celebrates alone with a lobster dinner.

7445 Grades

Monday, Jörgen comes home with top grades

7446 Music

Vera maxes her enthusiasm for Music&Dance and earns a plaque. 1p!

7447 Study
7448 Study

Then she teaches both her niece and her nephew to study.

7449 Ghosts

Jörgen, being Knowledge, loves the resident ghosts!

7450 Guitar

He is also very serious with his guitar playing

7451 Elite Agent

And we end this round with Elin, getting promoted to Elite Agent.

Österås after round 26:
Vera Johansson
Jörgen Johansson
Ralf Lilja
Elin Lilja
Albin Lilja
Siv Lilja
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