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Tallåsen year 97-100 - Level 8

Previously at Tallåsen, Martin acquired a taste for Grilled Cheese and Melissa for Fortune. Martin's business at the minimall developed from level 3 to level 6. Irratic grew up and could jump up on the counters to feed herself. Sofie filled her aspiration panel. Melissa became The Law, started a career in Athletics and became pregnant by the end of the round. Måns played with the cats.

7452 Tallåsen y97

Tallåsen year 97-100 – Saturday to Tuesday
Sofie Montell, 64, Fortune/Family, 3rd LTW Hand of Poseidon
Martin Montell, 62, Fortune/Grilled Cheese, LTW 5 Top-level businesses
Melissa Ljunggren, 31, Popularity/Fortune, 2nd LTW Hall of Famer
Måns Ljunggren, 33, Popularity, LTW Hall of Famer
Random and Irratic, cats

7453 Melissa asp

We start this update with Melissa who fills her Popularity/Fortune aspiration panel. 3p!

7454 MArtin

Martin works on his third business, which is the minimall in Mattsmyra. Today he’s stocking the flower section. This is his third business and it is at level 6

7455 Bathroom

Back home it’s time for another bathroom birth

7456 Jack

And another boy! Popular name no 53, Jack, sees the light of day, or rather the darkness of the night at 22.39 on the 8th of August ’97, the exact same say as Liam Hartwig earlier this round.
Jack has all the colours of his father with brown hair, brown eyes and a light skintone

7457 Melissa family

Per Mattsmyra rules, all siblings, parents and children of all inhabitants will be invited for Family Sunday. Melissa has no brothers and sisters herself,but a lot of aunts and uncles.

7458 Sofie

Sofie has two sisters – Lena, married to Max Benett, and Agnes, married to Georg Mattsson.

7459 Martin tree

Martin is of the Montell clan and is number 4 in line. He invites his brother Simon with wife Carita, sister Barbro with husband David, sister Anna with husband Allan, sister Malva with husband Malcolm and little brother Sebastian with girlfriend Rut Mattsson.

7460 Måns tree

Måns has a smaller family, but his mother and single brother are invited

7461 Workout

Måns works in the athletics career and maxes his body skill, while Melissa re-inaugurates the bar after being pregnant.

7462 Family


7463 Bowling

Bowling ensues

7464 Dance

And dancing

7465 Coach

Melissa works Sundays and comes home promoted to Coach and brings a friend

7466 BF

She has started to work for the Popularity IW, and succeeds to get another best friend in her uncle Max

7467 Nero

Martin decides to check in on the minimall. His employee Nero has apparently not quit his dayjob because the panel says he’s a spelunker with the task of sales

7468 Lvl 7

And we reach level 7

7469 Noel

Alice, the stylist, reaches her bronze badge in Cosmetology at the same time as she fails with Noel Bardh’s make-over

7470 Gerd happy

Gerd Lind is a happier customer

7471 Lvl 8

And we have level 8!

7472 Sofie Hand of P

Sofie comes home promoted to Hand of Poseidon at age 66. She doesn’t get any points, since it’s her third LTW and TOC. Now she wants to Marry off 6 children. A little late when you have only produced one!

7473 Melissa Hall of fame

That one gets promoted, too, to Hall of Famer, and reaches her second TOC. 1p! Now she wants 20 best friends

7474 Måns superstar

Måns is promoted too, but is behind his wife and is now a Superstar

7475 Birthday

They all come home just in time for Jack’s birthday

7476 Jack toddler

Jack turns out to look a lot like his father, if he’s not developing his mother’s Roman nose later on. He is also a bit of an extreme Sagittarius with 10 personality point on Active, Playful and Nice

7477 Britta gold

Back to the store, Martin’s employee Britta earns her gold badge in Flower arrangement. Snapdragons, here we go!

7478 Smustle

Melissa goes all in for her 20 best friends and smustles the night away with uncle Sebastian.
Please note the ignored Random cat in the lower left corner. He is still alive.

7479 Pregnant

Ooops! Risky pregnancy! Which means that Melissa will have to be pregnant for a RL year or so, again, until we get back here for next update!

Tallåsen after round 26:
Martin Montell
Sofie Montell
Måns Ljunggren
Melissa Ljunggren
Jack Ljunggren
Random and Irratic, cats
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