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Färila Thursday - Sunday (year 18-21)

“Oh, my sexy hunk! I missed you sooo much when I was at work!”. Ida Mattsson greets her love interest Lasse Hartwig, quite violently.

“I loooove youuu sooo muuuch!” Ida is really in a loving mood today.

“Yes, yes, I love you too! At least we are best friends by now. Yes, yes, I will move in with you, just take a shower, will you? And please let me go to the bathroom by myself in the future.” Lasse laughs and moves in with 5.000 simoleons.

The first thing Lasse does is to make a change in his career track. His LTW is to become a Criminal Mastermind, so he’s starting off as a pick-pocket coming morning. Ida went straight to bed on her first night of sambo-hood, despite her want to woohoo in bed. Maybe it was wise. This relationship is not really ready for woohoo yet.

The young sambo’s are ready to take their relationship to a new level.



What is this?! The wild west?! Will Ida ask her father or her best friend to leave her wedding party?

Well, they both stayed over the ceremony, and Ida got kissed properly, so now Ida can call herself Mrs Hartwig.

The party was still a success, despite the unfortunate starting fight, and the honeymoon was perfect too. Now, back to business!

Business meaning working on your skills. Ida is inside reading about mechanics, while Lasse is stargazing on the lawn.

Studying is prosperous. Lasse gets promoted two days in a row. First to bagman, and second to bookie. And with that, we’re leaving Färila for round 5. 

Färila after round 5:
Ida (Mattsson) Hartwig
Lasse Hartwig

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