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Ovanåker year 97-100 - Mirror Image

Previously at Ovanåker, Kevin got a secondary aspiration of Romance. The headmaster visit glitched out again. Jacob, Charlie and Linnea became teens, claiming aspirations of Popularity, Popularity and Family. Jesper had his first kiss from a townie girl and he and Natalie moved to college. Olle came back from college with his girlfriend Emmy. They are the heirs of this house. Olle and Emmy got married and Olle bought a bookstore which he promptly forgot about.

7480 Ovanåker y97

Ovanåker year 97-100, Saturday to Tuesday
Elisabeth Burlin, 58, Family, LTW Education Minister
Kevin Burlin, 58, Popularity/Romance, LTW Mayor
Olle Burlin, 24, Fortune, LTW Worldclass Ballet Dancer
Emmy Burlin, 24, Pleasure, LTW 50 first dates
Charlie Burlin, 16, Popularity, LTW Media Magnate
Jacob Burlin, 16, Popularity, LTW Media Magnate
Linnea Burlin, 14, Family, LTW 6 grandchildren
Theodor Burlin, 10
Roland Burlin, 10
Sara, the cat

7481 Homework

We start the weekend off with a homework session. Roland and Linnea are still in their formals since Olle and Emmy’s wedding last round.

7482 Ballroom

Olle finds a job as a Ballroom dancer, which is a good step on the way to his LTW, which is to be a Woldclass Ballet dancer

7483 Downtown

The kids spend their Saturday downtown

7484 Photo

Jacob and Linnea do a photo shoot

7485 Cell
7486 Cell
7487 Cell

All the teens buy cell phones

7488 BBQ

Charlie is a responsible teen and barbecues some hot dogs for his siblings and himself.

7489 Photo

Linnea has another photo shoot, with Charlie.

7490 Clothes

Then she buys autumn clothes for all the family

7491 Games

While Charlie plays pinball games with a random townie teen

7492 Preference

Back home, Linnea finds out that she’s got no specific gender preference, but is bi.

7493 Chess

Elisabeth and Kevin has worked very hard in their lives to raise all their eleven children, and has just recently been able to focus on their careers. None of them have fulfilled their first LTWs. They both need Logic to come further and spend the afternoon playing chess.

7494 Pregnant

And soon they will have their first grandchild. They have had to wait long enough – Olle, the expected baby’s father, is their fourth child. The older three have no children, at least not yet.

7495 Elisabeth tree

Rut, the Uni baby, lives together with her much older boyfriend Sebastian Montell. The next two, Filip and Ludvig, are both incredibly gay and live together in Bluewater.
Jesper and Natalie both recently left college, and the five youngest live at home still.

7496 Emmy tree

Emmy, Olle’s wife, comes from a small family with a complicated past. Her father Max was adopted. His biological mother was Livia Johansson and his father Ricky Cormier, known to all simmers.

7497 Family


7498 Mother

Emmy talks to her mother about the upcoming birth

7499 Roland
7500 Theodor

Family Sunday is finished off with Roland and Theodor’s birthday

7501 Roland Romance
7502 Theodor romance

They follow suit and both become Romancers. Roland wants to Woohoo 20 sims and Theodor is content with becoming a Hall of Famer

7503 Straight

They are both straight

7504 BF

Their Family sister is very happy to become BFs with them

7505 Judge
7506 Dean

The elderly parents move up in their respective careers – Kevin to Judge and Elisabeth to Dean of Students

7507 Birthtime

The elderly cat Sara monitors the birth of the anticipated grandchild

7508 Birgitta

And here she comes! It’s a girl, born on the 8th of September ’99 at 20.38. She gets Common name no 12, Birgitta.
This means that Kevin B and Kevin R, who has lead parallel lives in Mattsmyra since their college years, now each have a granddaughter called Birgitta

7509 Jacob cscolar

Jacob collects his scolarships for grades and art

7510 Charlie no scolar

Charlie has no scolarships at all to collect, but nevertheless they both move away to college, and by that this round at Ovanåker ends, with one sim less than when we started.

Ovanåker after round 26:
Elisabeth Burlin
Kevin Burlin
Olle Burlin
Emmy Burlin
Linnea Burlin
Roland Burlin
Theodor Burlin
Birgitta Burlin
Sara, the cat
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