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University part 2 - Year 99-100

Part 1

90015 Frida year 99

Frida Benett comes to college with her father Gunnar, who still attends Uni himself. Maybe he’s a doctorate?

90017 Dorms

As decided before, the Nyman brothers, who are in college due to playable friends wishes, are moved in to the same dorm as Frida. So here lives:
Gert Nyman, Fortune Junior,
Glen Nyman, Fortune Sophomore
Frida Benett, Romance Freshman

90018 No flirt

Frida tries immediately to flirt with Gert, but he shoots her down

90019 No GH
90020 No GH

Glen tries a couple of times to get accepted in the GH, but doesn’t succeed

90021 GH

Frida succeeds at first try, and Gert is already a member

90022 Economics
90023 Art

Glen chooses to major in Economics, since his LTW is to become a Business Tycoon, and Frida chooses Art just because she wishes for it

90024 Gert

Then Frida puts in some real effort to at some point reach her LTW of woohooing 20 sims.
Gert accepts her flirting after a while and is her no 3

90025 Christoffer

Then she checks off her highest matches one by one. It will be a parade of the most infamous Romancers in Mattsmyra.

90026 Christoffer

Nr 4 – Christoffer Montell

90027 Christopher

Next on the list is Christopher Bardh

90028 Too fast

She moves too fast, but it is soon repaired

90029 christopher

No 5 – Christopher Bardh

90030 Steve

She breaks off with hunting closer to home, but she moves too fast again

90031 Steve

Soon Steve Vestlund is convinced and becomes no 6

90032 Noel

Next – Noel Bardh, who suddenly wishes to get married to Caroline, the mother of his children.

90033 Gert jealous

All of a sudden, Gert becomes jealous. He has not shown any such tendencies before

90034 MArry Åsa

Noel could also consider marrying Åsa, Frida’s mother. What’s wrong with him?! Gert rips his hair out by the roots

90035 Noel

No 7 – Noel Bardh

90036 Wilhelm

No 8 – Wilhelm Törnblad

90037 Workout

Once in a while, Frida has the time to do other things – like being forced to workout by the Uni coach

90038 Alexander

Next up – Alexander Johansson. She already did his father Noel and his grandfather Christopher. Alexander rolls the wish to get married to his girlfriend Saga during the date. That’s great, she has wanted to get married to him for at least four years

90039 Alexander

No 9 – Alexander Johansson

90040 Tommy

Next up – Tommy Ottomas, fellow GH member

90041 Tommy

No 10 – Tommy Ottomas

90042 Boost

Halfway there, Frida gets a huge aspiration boost

90043 Micke

As the reader may, or may not, remember, Frida dated the delivery guy Micke in her teens, and they didn’t woohoo. Now, he is not possible to invite for a date, but can be lured to the lot by a party invitation. While there, all sorts of interactions can be performed, but no woohoo. So he’s sent off.

90044 Simon

Next up – Simon Bardh

90045 Marry Maud

He immediately rolls the wish to marry Maud, his girlfriend. Frida seems to have that effect on men.

90046 No woohoo

And he will not agree to any naughty business, so Frida decides, at least for now, to remove him from the list. Not all sims are easy, just most of them.

Year 99 – The Greek House

90047 GH

In the Greek House, year 99 will be the big graduation year – four out of six residents will graduate

90048 Alva PS

Alva is not graduating, she only on her sophomore year, and she cooses to major in Political Science, since she strives to become the Mayor

90049 Einstein

Some random events happen at Helsinge Nation. Someone wished for a bird and a cookatoo is bought and named Einstein

90050 Master piece

stina, who will not be graduating either, paints a master piece

90051 Garden

It has been raining a lot and the tomatoes are drenched

90051 Lightning

It’s a terribly stormy spring and Natalie gets hit by lightning, but survives

90052 Experience
90053 Experience

Alva and Stina gets some new experiences with boys.

90054 Bertil SCL Philosophy

Then it’s graduation time. Bertil Mattsson goes first.

90055 Engagement

During his graduation party he asks his girlfriend Svea Rodiek to marry him, and as we already know she accepts

90056 Graduate

Bertil Mattsson graduates SCL in Philiosophy and heads home to Holmsveden to wait for Svea. Congratulations!

90057 Ntalie

Next up is Natalie Burlin, Bertil’s second cousin.  She has remained single through college.

90058 Graduate

She graduates SCL in Mathematics and moves out to her own apartment, close to her brothers Ludvig and Filip. She’s got a lot of brothers and sisters… Her best friend Stina is by her side at graduation.

90059 Svea

Next – Svea Rodiek. She is as we saw engaged to Bertil Mattsson and will join him at Holmsveden

90060 Graduate

Svea graduates SCL in Physics

90061 Tommy

Next, and last for this year, is Tommy Ottomas. He is engaged to Berit Carlsson and will move in with her at Los

90062 Frida

During his party, he asks Frida to move from the dorms to the Greek House and she accepts

90063 Graduate

Last to leave for this round, Tommy Ottomas, pictured with his fiancée Berit. He graduates MCL in Economy.

90064 Girls

At the end of ’99, three girls remain at Helsinge Nation.
Stina Benett, Family, Philosophy Senior, MCL
Alva Myhr, Popularity, Political Science Junior, SCL
Frida Benett, Romance, Art Sophomore, SCL

Year 100, the Dorms
90065 Dorms 100

Charlie and Jacob Burlin moves in to the dorms to join the Nyman brothers.

90066 Phil
90067 Art

They are both Popularity sims and both want to become Media Magnates. To not have them become too dependant on each other, they are put in different majors - Philosopy and Art respectively. Why isn't Literature a major that's good for Media Magnates, just wondering...

90068 Tryout

Greek house tryouts

90069 No
90070 GH

It takes a couple of tries as usual, but Charlie is eventually accepted.

90071 GH

Jacob needs only one try.

90072 Party

A party or two are arranged at the dorms during the first year

90073 Term

They do good in school

90074 Jacob plaque

Jacob is also spending a lot of time with his Music&Dance interest

90075 Gert graduate

At the end of year 100 Gert is graduating CL in Philosophy. He will move back to Mattsmyra or Bluewater and become ignored, or townified, it's not decided.

Helsinge Nation year 100
90076 GH 100

Frida Benett, Romance
Alva Myhr, Popularity
Stina Benett, Family

90077 Jesper

Frida continues on her quest to woohoo 20 sims. Next in line is Jesper Burlin.

90078 No11

Being a Pleasure sim, he’s easy prey and becomes no 11

90079 No12

It’s a very hot summer, so Frida gets overheated when checking off no 12, which is Peter Ottomas. One of her other lovers, Steve, is upset with her, but the camera missed it.

90080 Aron

Next in line is Aron, married fortune sim

90081 Prefers

Frida prefers her last date Peter to her current one

90082 No13

But eventually, Aron becomes number 13.

90083 Einstein dead

In the meantime the rest of the Greek House are still here. Stina mourns the cockatoo Einstein

90084 Leif

It’s a small recess in Frida’s schedule. Leif Hartwig is next

90085 No14

And he becomes no 14

90086 Marcus

Then, the naughty Knowledge sim Marcus Montell, but it doesn’t lead anywhere. For now.

90087 Genie

To speed up progress and become totally irresistible, Frida asks the hobby genie for beauty. Maybe we’ll be able to finish by the end of sophomore year?

90088 Charlie

Charlie Burlin becomes a three-bolter due to the beauty wish

90089 First

Aww, it’s his first kiss!

90090 No15

And his first woohoo. But for her he’s no 15

90091 Upset

Classical mistake – Frida moves on to Charlie’s brother Jacob. It’s not appreciated by Charlie

90092 BSOC

During the date with Jacob, we realise that Frida has become a Big Sim on Campus, no wonder. 1p!

90093 Kiss

Frida gives Jacob, too, his first kiss

90094 No 16

Jacob is no 16

90095 Karaoke

Frida likes Jacob a little more than the others and spends some time singing with him.

90096 Teodor

But then it’s time to move on

90097 No 17

Teodor becomes no 17

90098 HAwking

Randomly, a new bird is bought and they name him Hawking. Maybe we've had a hawk named Hawking before, feels familiar...

90099 Stina graduate

And there the year is drawing to an end, and Stina graduates

90100 MCL Philosophy

She reached MCL in Philosophy, and has no intended spouse. She will move back to her parents’ house Rävkullen

90101 Natalie

Her best friend Natalie Burlin is in her graduation photo, just as was the opposite when Natalie graduated.

90102 Professor
90103 Joel

Frida works on a couple of new conquests, but doesn't succeed in fulfilling her LTW by the end of Sophomore year, so she will continue to be a Romancer.

90104 Jacob

After Stina’s graduation, Jacob Burlin is asked to move in,

90105 Charlie

And so is Charlie

90106 Alva

Alva has lived her Junior year in the shadows. So now, before the start of year 101, we have 4 students at Helsinge Nation:
Alva Myhr, Popularity, SCL Political Science, Senior
Frida Benett, Romance, SCL Art, Junior
Charlie Burlin, Popularity, SCL Philosophy, Sophomore
Jacob Burlin, Popularity, SCL Art, Sophomore

And now - back to Mattsmyra!
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