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Vallsta year 97-100 - Towards the Limit

Previously at Vallsta, Christel fixed up old cars and romanced the neighbourhood elders before she died. Jonas mourned for a while, but ended up in a romance with Kerstin Tidholm, who moved in with him, and they got engaged.

7534 Vallsta y97

Vallsta year 97-100, Thursday to Sunday
Jonas Carlzon, 77, Fortune/Pleasure, 4th LTW Criminal Mastermind
Kerstin Tidholm, 69, Knowledge/Grilled Cheese, 2nd LTW World Class Ballet Dancer
As usual Allegra (Gast) Lind is included in this picture, but she hasn’t lived here for ages and is dead.

7535 Logic

Kerstin works on her Knowledge IW and plays some chess with herself

7536 Commute

Jonas commutes with helicopter.

7537 TOC

Kerstin leaves for work too, and reached the top of the Dance career which was her LTW. 1p, since she already fulfilled one LTW.

7538 IW

Then she maxes her Logic skill, which was her last needed skill point and now reached the Knowledge IW. 3p!

7539 Kerstin tree
7540 Jonas tree

Since Kerstin and Jonas have no family, we’ll not have a family Sunday.

7541 PArty

Instead we arrange a party with sims that are not really friends yet, just to reach max influence.

7542 Frida

Jonas talks to his guests about Frida Benett’s reputation as a hottie

7543 Music

And then some time is spent with the favourite hobby – Music and dance.
Sorry for the eventlessness, but two permaplat sims are not more fun than that.

Vallsta after round 26:
Jonas Carlzon
Kerstin Tidholm
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