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Sörbo year 97-100 - Growing Children

Previously at Sörbo, Erik and Nathalie was toddler trained and grew up to children. They found their true hobbies of Science and Sports respectively. Jerry maxed his Music enthusiasm, filled his aspiration panel and died. Kent was born. Aron filled his aspiration panel. Family Sunday was a romancing disaster.

7544 Sörbo y97

Sörbo year 97-100, Monday to Thursday
Ingeborg Wern, 74, Popularity/Grilled Cheese, 2nd LTW Rock God
Aron Wern, 35, Fortune/Grilled Cheese, 2nd LTW Chief of Staff
Annika Wern, 35, Family/Knowledge, Marry off 6 children
Erik Wern, 7
Nathalie Wern, 7
Kent Wern, 1

7545 Wants Rolf

Ingeborg’s husband died last round, and earlier this round she was in a whirlwind romance with Rolf Myhr. Now she wishes to revive Rolf. That will not happen.

7546 Pregnant

There will be new life in the house, though, since Annika is pregnant again.

7547 Job

Annika is a homemaker, but suddenly had an urge to get a job in Medicine, but couldn’t find any, so she returned to her wishes of having a baby and maxing Culinary enthusiasm.

7548 Homework

Aron wants to take part in the children’s upbringing and has just taught Nathalie how to study.

7549 Ingeborg dies

Then it's time for Ingeborg to leave

7550 Dies
7551 Insurance

On the 16th of ugust ’97, Ingeborg Wern draws her last breath at age 75, mourned by her two sons and two daughters with families

7552 Ingeborg

7553 Kent

The same day, it’s time for baby Kent’s birthday.

7554 Kent Virgo

He turns out to be an extremely neat Virgo, and he looks a lot like Aron, who in turn looks a lot like Jerry. Jerry’s genes are strong.

7555 Great party

It’s a great party and we see a glimpse of Annika teaching Kent to walk in their minimalistic Scandinavian house with wooden floors.

7556 Kent

Here’s a better picture of Kent and his mother, who stopped using PJs to sleep in, it’s just too hot.

7557 Homework

Aron has stopped using everyday clothes and just uses the leotards he’s working out in.
Erik learns to study nonetheless.

7558 Kent walks

Annika decided to take the PJs on anyway, to go out  on the sidewalk to teach Kent to walk.

7559 General

Aron comes home promoted to General at age 36. 1p! Now he wants to become Chief of Staff.
Erik and Nathalie do good in school.

7560 No job
7561 No job
7562 No job
7563 No job

It’s not easy to find a job in Medicine these days…

7564 Science

Kent finds that his preferred hobby is Science

7565 Kitten

Annika doesn’t think she has enough work to do with two school children, one toddler and an expected baby, so she really, really wants a kitten. Erik and Nathalie of course supports her.

7566 Feline

So – a red little kitten girl is adopted and gets the name Feline

7567 nnika happy

Annika is very happy, but promptly ignores Feline and wants another kitten.

7568 Baby

In the morning it’s babytime!

7569 Hanna

On the 17th of September ’99 a girl is born. She gets Common name no 22 – Hanna, and she has the light colours of her father, but her mother’s blue eyes.

7570 Nathalie grades

Nathalie has top grades

7571 Annika tree
7572 Aron tree

Aron and Annika’s families are very similar, two elder sisters and twin brothers. The Sörbo kids have cousins only on their father’s side so far though.

7573 Pregnant

Annika is very soon pregnant again after Hanna’s birth.

7574 Cheesecake

We have her make cheesecake to make sure it’ll be twins this time.

7575 Lightning

When the Military helicopter lands out front, bringing Aron and his workmate home, there’s a heavy thunderstorm going on, and Aron gets hit by lightning! Nathalie is very concerned for her father

7576 Clear

He’s fine though, except he cannot hold his bladder. By the time the helicopter lifts off there is a clear sky again, and Nathalie laughs hysterically about it all

7577 Pop

That night, Annika pops, and it’s a double birthday party going on

7578 Kent

First Kent

7579 HAnna

And then Hanna, who just met her aunt Märta

7580 Märta

Märta loves her new niece and cannot stop feeding her

7581 Kent child

Kent grows up well to child

7582 Cake

But Hanna needs another go

7583 Hanna toddler

She turns out to be an extremely neat Scorpio, which means she’s not a clone of any of her brothers. They are both Virgos but not clones of each other either. We have success :)

Sörbo after round 26:
Aron Wern
Annika Wern
Erik Wern
Nathalie Wern
Kent Wern
Hanna Wern
Feline, the kitten
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