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Strandbrynsvägen year 97-100 - Too Much Piano

Previously at Strandbrynsvägen, we had a lot of hobby plaques and filled aspiration panels. We also had the death of Tessa (Ramirez) Tång.

7584 Strand y97

Strandbrynsvägen 407 year 97-100, Saturday to Tuesday
Elmer Tång, 76, Family/Fortune, 2nd LTW Education Minister
Hugo Mattsson, 51, Knowledge/Romance, 2nd LTW City Planner
Engla Mattsson, 51, Knowledge/Popularity, 3rd LTW Mad Scientist

7585 Party

Engla, being half Popularity nowadays, throws a party on Saturday

7586 Dinner

The get-together is ended with dinner.

7587 Elmer tre

Then it’s soon Sunday and time for a family get-together
Elmer has two daughters, Engla who lives here, and Elin, who lives with her family and other half-sister in the “alien house” Österås

7588 Hugo tree

Hugo is the youngest brother of the Mattssons, and is the only one who’s not an elder yet.

7589 Family
7590 Piano

Engla entertains her family with piano playing, and the niece plays with the parrot. She maxes her Music enthusiasm for the second time. 0 points.

7591 No job

Then she tries to find a new job in Science, but cannot find any

7592 City planner

Hugo is promoted to City Planner at age 53, but doesn’t get any points since he topped two careers already. Now he wants to become Head of SCIA, which Engla already is.

7593 No job

No job available for Hugo either

7594 Jugo elder
7595 Engla elder

And now it’s too late for both of them to find new careers. They grow up very well to elders

7596 Piano

Every waking moment, one or the other of the household plays the piano. It becomes very tedious after a while

7597 Tuning

And we end this update with the piano, that after all this use needs tuning!
Next round will probably be the last for Elmer, but otherwise we see more boredom ahead.

Strandbrynsvägen after round 26:
Elmer Tång
Hugo Mattsson
Engla Mattsson
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