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Runemo year 97-100 - Too Much Death

Previously at Runemo, Pontus and Oliver returned from college and spent the round dating their girlfriends Lovisa and Jenny who were both still studying. They couldn't find their desired jobs. Barbro found her preferred hobby of Arts&Crafts at age 70. David filled his aspiration panel and learned to cook Comfort Soup even though he's got no Family aspiration.

7598 Runemo y97

Runemo year 97-100, Saturday to Tuesday
Barbro Sandvall, 73, Family/Popularity, 2nd LTW Education Minister
David Sandvall, 73, Knowledge/Pleasure, 2nd LTW Prestidigitator
Oliver Sandvall, 26, Knowledge, LTW Prestidigitator
Pontus Sandvall, 26, Knowledge, LTW City Planner
Lovisa Mattsson, 23, Fortune, LTW The Law
Cosmos, the Cat

7599 Lovisa Pontus

Lovisa and Pontus both are very happy that Lovisa graduated from college (SCL in Political Science 1p!) and that she moved in at Runemo. Now she just needs some new clothes.

7600 No job

The boys didn’t succeed to find their desired jobs last round, so they are still trying. Oliver wants a job in Show Business (or is it Entertainment?), but cannot find either.

7601 Architect

Pontus wants to become a City Planner and finds a job as an Architect. Good start!

7602 Engagement

On the 3rd of July ’97 it’s time for an engagement, and a huge wedding is planned

7603 Barbro tree

We show you only the tree of Pontus’ closest family, though. Lovisa’s we saw at the previous lot (and below)

7604 Family

Here they are – excluding all the cousins named Burlin, since we realized it would be way too many!
As it turns out, this is also too many and the game crashed pretty much immediately

7605 Smaller

So – a smaller party for just the closest family and friends is arranged

7606 Pond

The ceremony is held by the pond in the backyard

7607 Wedding
7608 Wedding
7609 9 aug 97

On the 9th of August ’97, Pontus and Lovisa are married.

7610 Nathalie cries

But suddenly Nathalie, Pontus niece runs off crying. I suspect her father Aron is fighting with someone again – he’s hopeless. Annika, Nathalie’s mother, comes after her to ask what’s wrong

7611 Cake

The party continues with cake

7612 Success

And ends a success, even though everyboday hates Pontus' uncle Simon

7613 No job

Oliver can still not find an Entertainment job

7614 LoP

Instead he entertains himself with the Leader of the Pack.

7615 Lovisa tree

Next day is Sunday, and everybody is invited back to eat leftovers from the wedding. The Montell tree is above.

7616 Family
7617 Smustle

Family smustle!

7618 Cries

But once again one of the Wern kids run off crying. Aron comforts Kent. I have never seen this interaction before! It’s too cute, even though I still suspect that Aron is the cause of all the drama. He hates his father-in-law David very much.

7619 Pop

Surprise pregnancy!

7620 Barbro

Oh noes! Barbro dies on Family Sunday!

7621 Plat

She dies in Platinum, surrounded by her family, on the 28th of August ’98. 1p.


7623 Pontus architect

Pontus comes home promoted to Architect. Then it’s time for the funeral

7624 Funeral

A ceremony by the grave

7625 Comfort

Comforting words for the living

7626 Cake

And a reception with cake.

7627 Alone

David doesn’t feel well after the ceremony and eats his piece of cake alone in the kitchen.

7628 David dies

While the guests are still on the lot, the grim Reaper comes for David too.

7629 Too much

It’s really too much for Lovisa

7630 Miscarriage

She gets cramps and the labour starts too early

7631 18 sep 99

The 18th of September ’99 becomes a sad day indeed, while both David and the unborn baby dies

7632 David7632 Mio

The poor children at Sörbo lost three of their grandparents and a cousin during the same round!

7633 Funeral

Another funeral is held, but this time there is no one who has the energy to have a reception.

7634 Puppy wish

Instead, they all wish to start anew, with a puppy

7635 Lab

And Blackie, the labrador pup is adopted

7636 Welcome

Lovisa and Pontus welcomes her

7637 No Job
7638 No job

Oliver continues his futile job hunt

7639 Arc partner

And Pontus continues his climb up the architectural ladder and becomes an Architectural partner
Next time, we hope for more joy at Runemo.

Runemo after round 26:
Oliver Sandvall
Pontus Sandvall
Lovisa (Mattsson) Sandvall
Cosmos, the cat
Blackie, the puppy
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