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Svedja year 97-100 - Fighting Family

Previously at Svedja, Allan had a plaque in Arts&Crafts, reached the top of the Adventurer career and filled his aspiration panel. Anna got demoted. Love wrote novels about PI Joe. Siri started a career in Gaming and asked her boyfriend Adam to move in. So he did, and made a scene when he broke up with Ulrika, the mother of his daughter Lisa. Adam and Siri got engaged.

7640 Svedja y97

Svedja year 97-100, Saturday to Tuesday
Allan Törnblad, 66, Knowledge/Family, 3rd LTW 6 grandchildren
Anna Törnblad, 66, Family, LTW 6 grandchildren
Oscar Törnblad, 35, Popularity, LTW Hall of Famer
Love Carlsson, 35, Fortune, LTW Hall of Famer
Siri Törnblad, 26, Family, LTW Golden Anniversay
Adam Wern, 35, Pleasure, LTW Game Designer
Epsilon, the dog

7641 Sec Family

We open the lot with Adam claiming a secondary aspiration of Family. Then a wedding party is arranged

7642 Family

A mix of family and friends are invited

7643 Wedding
7644 Wedding
7645 21 aug 97

On the 21st of August ‘97, Ms Siri Törnblad becomes Mrs Adam Wern.

7646 Cake

Classical cake eating and dancing ensues

7647 Demoted

The bride’s brother Oscar comes home during the party, demoted to assisting Coach due to a bad chance card.

7648 Rooflifter

It’s a rooflifter party – see for yourselves - no roof! :)

7649 Work

But when it’s time for the wedding ride around the block, the bride snuck off to work, so there’ll be no trip!

7650 Love TOC

Right after the party, Love, Oscar’s lover, comes home promoted to Hall of Famer which was his LTW. 2p! Now he wants to become Business Tycoon.

7651 No job

No Business jobs in sight, so instead he wishes to start a new novel.

7652 PI Joe

It’s a new PI Joe adventure with mysterious ingredients as usual

7653 Anna tree

Anna is of Montell origin and so far has got three grandchildren out of the six she wants. Probably her son Wilhelm will have a few more since his wife Monica is a family sim, and also Siri and Adam, but probably not Oscar, since he’s gay and lives with Love.

7654 Adam tree

Adam is from the Berg clan and has a daughter since his previous relationship with Ulrika Myhr. Lisa is the heir of the Myhr house.

7655 Love tree

Love is a Mattsson descendant, and his black hair is the signature of the clan. His sister Berit just graduated from college and will inherit the house where they both grew up.

7656 Sec Knowledge7657 Sec Romance

Oscar and Love both have the possibility to choose secondary aspirations, and gets Knowledge and Romance respectively

7658 Vice President

Early Sunday morning Love finds his desired job in Business, and he starts with high rank as a Vice President

7659 Family

Here’s the family again – a lot of get-togethers when there is a wedding and a Sunday during the same round

7660 Disaster

Disaster strikes immediately. The Wern siblings are really involved in too much drama all the time. Louise slowdances with her wife, which is fine, really, but not to Siri, newlywed Family girl. She had an affair with Louise before and never forgot her. And on the driveway stands Kent crying over his father Aron again

7661 Fight

Then Louise ends up in a fight in the bathroom, with Sofie Montell. Didn’t even know they had a grudge. As random information we can tell you that they are cousins.

7662 Annika

Oscar comes home in the middle of it all with another one of the hood’s drama queens – Annika Lind.

7663 Fight

In the meantime Louise shifted focus to Malcolm

7664 Wilhelm

And then Wilhelm…
It's not the calmest Family Sunday we ever hosted.

7665 CEO
7666 Promotions

Finally, Sunday is over, and we go back to our ordinary events of promotions instead. Love becomes CEO, Adam Guildleader and Anna Unnatural Cross-breeder.

Svedja after round 26:
Anna Törnblad
Allan Törnblad
Oscar Törnblad
Love Carlsson
Adam Wern
Siri (Törnblad) Wern
Epsilon, the papillon

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