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Los year 97-100 - No Job for Berit

Previously at Los, we had a hobby focus and had a lot of Grilled Cheese. Both Emilia and Patric earned hobby plaques, in Fitness and Art&Crafts respectively

7667 Los y 97

Los year 97-100, Wednesday to Saturday
Emilia Carlsson, 66, Grilled Cheese/Family, LTW Eat 200 GC
Patric Carlsson, 66, Knowledge/Family,
Berit Carlsson, 23, Fortune
Tommy Ottomas, 23, Fortune

7668 Berit

Berit is back from Uni with her fiancé Tommy Ottomas and an SCL in Psychology.

7669 No job

Tommy wishes to become a Business Tycoon but there are no openings

7670 GC

The homecoming is celebrated with Grilled Cheese, Emilia’s speciality

7671 Plaque

Berit maxes her Arts&Crafts enthusiasm and receives a plaque. 1p!

7672 Sec family

That makes her happy and she claims a secondary aspiration of Family.

7673 No job

Then she tries to find a job. What she finds is not for her but for Tommy

7674 CEO

And what a job! He is employed as a President directly out of school!

7675 No job

Berit has no luck. There are just no jobs in Intelligence at the moment

7676 CEO

Tommy is advancing quickly and becomes a CEO

7677 No job

Berit still has no luck

7678 Peter

Tommy invites his father Peter Ottomas over for a game of chess.

7679 Love

This is a rare scene at Los, the fortune sims don't have much interest for love

7680 No job

But still no job for Berit...

Los after round 26:
Emilia Carlsson
Patric Carlsson
Berit Carlsson
Tommy Ottomas

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