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Rävkullen year 97-100 - Douze Points

Previously at Rävkullen, Lena and Ricky got plaques in Music&Dance, Max got demoted and the infamous Ricky Cormier left the simiverse at 75. The funeral was a real party. Max got a silver badge in pottery and a secondary aspiration of Grilled Cheese. Stina collected her grants and headed off to college.

7681 Rävkullen y97

Rävkullen year 97-100, Wednesday to Saturday
Max Benett, 62, Fortune/Grilled Cheese
Lena Benett, 59, Popularity/Knowledge

7682 30 BF

Lena has had the want to have 30 simultaneous Best Friends for a while. Now she acheives it by talking on the phone with her son-in-law Olle Burlin. If we never claimed Popularity IW for her, we can certainly do it now! 3p.

7683 Pottery
7684 HAppy

Max reaches his gold badge in Pottery and his Arts&Crafts hobby plaques at the same time. 1p.

7687 Lena

Lena got her plaque in Music last round and plays a bit of guitar before she plans an anniversary party

7685 Max tree

Max was adopted by Maja Benett, who was a live-in-mistress to Daniel Johansson of Korskrogen. With him she had her daughter Åsa. Later, she got married to Leif Hartwig and had Elisabet and Gustav. All the adopted and natural siblings have children of their own, whereof Max have the oldest ones and has recently become a grandfather to Birgitta Burlin, Emmy's daughter.

7686 Lena tree

Lena's descent is a bit more straight-forward, belonging to the all-girls family Berg. Here the cousins are all adults by now.

7688 Cooking
7689 Baking

Lena prepares the wedding anniversary party by cooking and baking some good food

7690 Invitation

Then she invites her sisters and daughters with their respective husbands. Let’s get this party started!

7691 Coach

In the meantime, Max comes home promoted to Coach, which pushes him over the edge to the Fortune IW to earn 100.000§. 3p!

7692 Asp

Which in turn pushes him over the edge to fill his aspiration panel. 3p!

7693 Paty
7694 Toast

At home, the party is in full swing, with chili, cheesecake, champagne and cake. Maybe it should have been c(h)ake J

7695 Success

And Lena is very happy for the successful party – she’s a Popularity sim after all

7696 Hll of Fame

Max is also very happy when he reaches the top of the athletics career, which was his LTW – 2p! And we look back to a few days of extraordinary points, with these two middle aged sims earning 12 points in four days! Next time, Stina will be back from Uni

Rävkullen after round 26:
Max Benett
Lena Benett

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