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Långhed year 97-100 - Teen Drama

Previously at Långhed, Agnes maxed her Culinary interest and her and Kevin grew up to elders, which made it possible for Agnes to get her Golden Anniversary Party which was her LTW. It was a hot summer and there were fires and we were afraid to lose the expected baby, but Birgitta was born healthy. Moa and Matilda grew up to Popularity and Pleasure teens. Svea left for college.

7723 Långhed y97

Långhed year 97-100, Saturday to Tuesday
Agnes Rodiek, Family/Fortune, 57, 2nd LTW 6 grandchildren
Kevin Rodiek, Family/Pleasure, 57, LTW Marry off 6 children
Oscar Rodiek, Pleasure, 28, LTW Game designer
Siv Rodiek, Family, 27, LTW Graduate 3 kids from college
Moa Rodiek, Popularity, 13, LTW Hall of Famer
Matilda Rodiek, Pleasure, 13, LTW 50 dreamdates
Birgitta Rodiek, ½

7724 Photo

It’s a full house we’re entering, and since we start off at Saturday, we send the teen girls shopping. It’s hard to tell these generation 3 twins apart, so we remind ourselves that Moa has her hair up in the back of her neck

7725 Phone

And Matilda has her hair in two bunches. They both buy cellphones of course

7726 Gym

Then they go to the gym for a shower and some entertainment in the dance sphere. The plan was to have lunch there, but since the horrible fire that killed the former owner Britta Logren and her employee Zeeshan Montell, a new barbecue was never installed, so they don’t serve anything here.

7727 Clothes

Never mind, the girls have errands to run – they are buying autumn clothes for themselves and the rest of the family so they move on to the Corner Shops

7728 Date

There they play some pool, and Pleasure sim Matilda finds a Romance boy to date – Roland Burlin. He’s actually three years younger than her, but mature for his age ;)

7729 Photo

They have their photo taken

7730 No Theodor

Turns out that his brother Theodor is also around, but he’s not at all interested in dating Moa. Pity – could have been a cute double date

7731 First kiss

I hate this feature – when the date is over, they kiss goodbye, and it counts as their very first kiss! Additionally, they now have a crush, and that was never the intention. It will really cause problems later on – you’ll see!

7732 Flight

Back home, Siv finds a job in the Military as a Flight Officer, a job she’s been looking for for a while

7733 Power level

Oscar is promoted to Power Leveller

7734 Agnes tree

Agnes is part of the small Myhr family, but have 6 children herself. The four eldest are established in their adult lives and are starting off their own families, while her babies are still living at home

7735 Siv tree

Siv is from the Montell and Markövertag dynasties and probably married below her station, but the sims don’t care about that.

7736 Family

Family Sunday!

7737 Drama

Drama at Långhed! Didn’t even know there was potential

7738 Alexander

Alexander and Helena apparently had something between them at some point. Good it’s over – he’s marrying Saga Rodiek and Helena expects a baby with Jesper Burlin

7739 Grandmothers

Baby Birgitta gets to meet both her grandmothers. They look alike and are also best friends since forever. If I remember correctly, Oscar and Siv were introduced to each other by their mothers somewhere along the line.

7740 Date

Here comes trouble! Moa wanted a date, and the only one she nows well enough is Roland Burlin. An ingredient in this story is also that the SimGodess had forgot to randomize the sexuality of Moa and Matilda, and it turned out that Matilda is gay and Moa is not, so in that light it felt innocent to let Moa date Roland.

7741 Upset

Apparently Matilda didn’t agree!

7742 Fight

And she lets Roland know what she thinks

7743 Agnes upset

Mamma Agnes is very upset with Moa and Roland, too, that they hurt Matilda’s feelings

7744 Sorry

Moa: ”Matilda, I’m sorry, I didn’t think you cared about Roland anymore!”

7745 Cool

Matilda: ”That’s cool, sis, I’m getting used to it myself”


Then Helena tries to congratulate Oscar, but he doesn’t want to speak with his sister-in-law. Maybe for what he thinks she did to Alexander

7747 Dance

Then Kevin comes home from work, promoted to Flamenco Master. He brings Olle Burlin with him home

7748 Birthday

And in all the chaos we nearly forget Birgitta’s birthday

7749 Toddler

But only nearly. Turns out this little blondie is an extremely outgoing and active Gemini

7750 Cute

Cutie pie!

7751 Talk

Agnes starts the toddler training immediately, being a Family Farmor.

7752 Dance

Oscar dances with his daughter. And we can see that Moa is still not forgiven

7753 Commander

Not even by her in-laws. Siv is promoted to senior Officer, by the way

7754 Commander

And to Commander

7755 Realtime

Oscar becomes a Realtime Strategist

7756 Agnes asp

And Agnes randomly fills her aspiration panel – 3p!

7757 Kevins

Then Kevin decides it’s time to invite his old friend Kevin Burlin and his family for a cook-out

7758 Kiss

And that night, one thing leads to another, and under the moon light Moa gets her first kiss from the boy who has been the center of all drama this round – Roland Burlin.

Långhed after round 26:
Agnes Rodiek
Kevin Rodiek
Oscar Rodiek
Siv Rodiek
Birgitta Rodiek
Matilda Rodiek
Moa Rodiek

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