jungfrun68 (jungfrun68) wrote,

Hamre Thursday - Sunday (year 18-21)

Tobias Mattsson is quite a womanizer. Beatrice is like wax in his hands.

Tobias is even flirting with Livia, who is still a minor. “You know, you look so good, I would gladly go to jail if I just could spend a night with you first”

Man! What’s wrong with this guy? Now he’s fighting again. He seems to be very passionate both in love and hatred. Now he’s got an enemy in Karolina Brode.

Indeed a passionate man. Beatrice Celander seems happy enough.

Oh no! The couch and the TV-set, Tobias’ most valuable possessions, get stolen one night. “Help! Help! Where’s that police squad I called?!”

And as if that wasn’t enough, the terrible Karolina comes by and steals the newspaper!

More fighting at Hamre. It seems the thief’s got the upper hand on the policeman.

Actually the policeman Ramin is winning over the thief Amin (!) and Tobias gets 880 simoleons from the insurance company. Well, it’s enough to cover the TV-set, but the antique couch is irreplaceable. He should have installed an alarm when he bought that couch.

Tobias gets promoted to minor leaguer. Karolina has been here, kicking over the trash can. End of round 5.

Hamre after round 5:
Tobias Mattsson

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