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Annefors year 97-100 - Small Children

Previously at Annefors, Louise and My both got pregnant from a same-sex-hack the SimGodess not even knew was installed. Eva was born by Louise. My reached the top of the Slacker career and started a job in the Music career.

7781 Annefors y97

Annefors year 97-100, Saturday to Tuesday
My Montell, 44, Romance, LTW Rock God
Louise Wern, 40, Popularity/Family, 2nd LTW Celebrity Chef
Eva Wern, ½

7782 Grab

Louise and My have not stopped desiring each other despite pregnancies and a baby

7783 Woohoo

Quite on the contrary actually. Maybe they’re celebrating the inheritance Louise got after her mother Ingeborg who passed away earlier this round

7784 Sec Pop

My is very happy and selects Popularity as her secondary aspiration

7785 No job

Louise tries to find a job in the Culinary track, but has no luck

7786 Eva birthday

But it’s time for Eva’s birthday!

7787 Eva toddler

She looks cute, but exactly the same as everybody else. The SimGodess hates brown hair  by now! Anyway, Eva turns out to be an Aries with stats 7 7 9 10 1, quite the clone of My…

7788 Walk

Toddler training starts immediately

7789 My tree

My is the oldest daughter of Simon Montell, who is the oldest son of Inger (Johansson) Montell. She’s got brother Marcus, the naughty Knowledge sim, and pregnant sister Sara.
Marcus has two boys with his wife Elisabet (Hartwig).

7790 Louise tree

Louise is from the Berg clan, and is the second child of Ingeborg and Jerry Wern. All of her brothers and sisters are married and/or have children of their own. In total Eva has nine cousins already.

7791 Family

Family Sunday!

7792 Kids

And here we go again with the cry-babies of Sörbo…

7793 Fight

And here’s the reason. The children's father Aron fights with Simon.
We also note that not only My is pregnant, but her sister Sara and sister-in-law Annika, too

7793 E pregnant

Apparently all adult women are pregnant, except Louise

7795 Fight

Simon and Aron are at it again

7796 Dinner

The ladies find some time to eat a sandwich

7797 Fight

…before it happens again

7798 Babytime

Then we have happenings of another kind. My is giving birth in the bathroom. Her mother Carita is there to help her, but is more busy coughing (or throwing up?)

7799 Bertil

It’s twins! And it’s boys! Meet Common name 85 – Bertil

7800 Harry

And Popular name 59 – Harry. Their birthday is the 28th of September ’99 and they of course have brown hair and blue eyes both of them.

7801 Child rearing

and just in time for the boys birth, Louise has read up on child rearing

7802 No job

When Monday comes Louise remembers that she has a new LTW of becoming a Celerity Chef, but she cannot find a job

7803 Roaches

Instead she spends some time cleaning up outside the house – there are always roaches, since Louise has many enemies kicking over their trash can on a regular basis.

7804 Talk

Then she spends some time with Eva, teaching her to talk

7805 Marie

Eva’s second cousin Marie Törnblad (her mother is Monica (Berg), Louise's cousin) comes by to play with her a bit.

7806 No job

Still no job

7807 Eva birthday


7808 Looks Marie

She grows up to look exactly like Marie – even nearly the same dress!

7809 New look

A new look is in order

7810 Boys

It’s the boys’ birthday too. Louise looks like she’s got rabbit ears, but it’s her llama mascot friend behind her

7811 Bertil

Bertil grows up to reveal that he’s an extremely neat, active and nice Virgo

7812 Rock God

In the middle of the party My comes home promoted to Rock God, which was her LTW. 2p! Now she wants to become a General

7813 Harry

She takes care of the celebration for Harry

7814 Harry

He turns out to be an extremely neat Scorpio

7815 No job

And we end this round with the fact that the recession in the Culinary field remains.

Annefors after round 26:
My Wern
Louise Wern
Eva Wern
Bertil Wern
Harry Wern
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