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Järvsö year 97-100 - Party Animal

Previously at Järvsö, Märta worked on her best friends list and threw parties. She became a Hall of Famer and started looking for a Military job and acquired a secondary aspiration of Pleasure.

7816 Jarvso y97

Järvsö year 97-100, Saturday to Tuesday
Märta Sandvall, Popularity, 44, 2nd LTW General

7817 No job

Märta works in the Athletics career, but wishes for a job in the Military.

7818 Inheritance

While checking the ads, Märta gets a message that she inherited some money from her parents, who passed away recently

7819 Party

Märta is first and formost a Popularity sim, so every change for a party is taken. She’s working on getting 30 best friends and is well underway

7820 BF

Another best friend

7821 Great

And another great party

7822 Date

She also finds some time to date, even though she never wished for a serious relationship

7823 Allan

And Allan becomes more than a friend

7824 Party
7825 Great

And another great party is held

7826 No job

No luck on the job hunt

7827 Family

And we have another lot where the Sörbo kids can freak out over their father… Their mother is Märta’s sister.

7828 Family

It’s a small family

7829 BAby

Lovisa, Pontus' wife, tells Märta about the baby they lost and that she hopes to get a new chance soon

7830 Date

Not much happens at Family Sunday – guess none of Aron’s many enemies were there. Märta ends the day with a boring date

7831 Headparty

It’s more fun to have a party  in her head!

7832 Rut

She becomes best friends with Rut

7833 Great

And has another great party

7834 Oscar

Best friends with Oscar

7835 Commander

And finally, on the last day of the round, Märta finds a job in the Military as a Commander.

Järvsö after round 26:
Märta Sandvall
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