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Apartment 1 year 97-100 - Oldest Sim Ever

Previously at Cristopher Bardh's bachelor pad, Cristopher and Annika dated each other and others. Annika couldn't find a job. The neighbours practically lived with our residents.

7862 CB y97

Bardh’s Bachelor Pad year 97-100, Sunday to Wednesday
Cristopher Bardh, 81, Romance/Grilled Cheese, 2nd LTW Professional Party Guest
Annika Lind, 53, Romance, 2nd LTW Celebrity Chef

7863 SEc Know

We start off this update with Annika, who gets to choose a secondary aspiration of Knowledge.

7864 Annika tree

We continue to family Sunday. The Lind family is one of the smallest there is. Annika has one adult daughter and her brother David has two teenaged children

7865 Cristopher tree

Cristopher has been the most active casanova in the neighbourhood and have three sons – twins Simon and Noel, by Thea Mattsson, are already elders themselves, and Jörgen, by Vera Johansson, is still a teen

7866 Family

Here they are

7867 Hate

And we soon find that Noel’s and Simon’s significant others really don’t like each other!

7868 Kiss

Cristopher’s youngest son Jörgen likes Annika very much though. As the readers might remember, she gave him his first kiss at some other family Sunday this round

7869 Noel

Annika likes her forrmer brother-in-law, nowadays stepson very much. Her daughter Cecilia really needs a drink to cope with the pressure of this family

7870 Annika elder

Then Annika grows up very well to elder. Sister-in-law Gerd doesn’t believe her eyes

7871 Dance

A wild dance party starts, but Gerd is stuck in disbelief

7872 Chris

Monday. Look! Cristopher is still here – 82 years old!

7873 Chris

Cristopher: ”Hey, SimGodess, why are you following me around?”
J68: “No reason..”

7874 Chris

Tuesday. Still here

7875 Chris

Annika: ”Congratulations on your long and prosperous life!”
Cristopher: "What is it with everybody?!"

7876 Dies

Then, equally sudden and expected, the Grim Reaper comes for Cristopher Bardh – 83 years old. Oldest sim ever!

7877 Fulfilled

At the time of his death, Cristopher had a full influence meter and he leaves in platinum. 2p!

7878 cristopher

7879 Funeral

The funeral service is conducted at Mattsmyra Sockenkyrka. The closest family attends the ceremony.

7880 Dinner

The dinner reception is held at the same place

7881 Celebration

In the end it’s a beautiful day and the family decides to celebrate life, just as Cristopher always did. “To Life!” Cheers!

Apartment 1 after round 26:

Annika Lind

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