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SM Apartment year 97-100 - Boy family

Previously, Sara and Sixten moved in after university. They met a lot of people and spent their time woohooing. Sara got pregnant and the young couple got married, in that order.

7894 Mossberg y97

Apartment 4 year 97-100, Thursday to Sunday
Sara Mossberg, 26, Knowledge, LTW Education Minister
Sixten Mossberg, 26, Pleasure, LTW Professional Partyguest

7895 Projectionist

We start off this round with Sixten, finding a job in his desired Slacker career.

7896 Baby

Just in time, too, because he’s going to have a baby to provide for any minute!

7897 Robert

It’s a boy, and at last we’ve got some genetic variety – He’s got dark skin and green eyes, so his brown hair is forgiven (he’s got a red recessive). He is born on the 6th of September ’98 and gets Common name no 47 – Robert.

7898 Video editor

The new father comes home from his first workday promoted to Home Video Editor.

7899 Shopping

He’s immediately sent off again to buy some groceries and autumn clothes.

7900 Games

While there, he also spends some money on a computer game. He’s a Pleasure sim after all!

7901 Birthday

And already it’s Robert’s first birthday!

7902 Toddler

He’s cute, and turns out to be an extremely neat Virgo.

7903 Sec GC

Sara finds that she has enough aspiration points to claim a secondary aspiration of Grilled Chesse.

7904 Tinkering

Robert soon finds that his preferred hobby is Tinkering. And this picture also shows three generations. Robert, Mamma Sara and Mormor Carita.

7905 Boys

Simon’s branch of the Montell tree is full of boys in generation 4. Eva Wern is in this picture, but she’s officially not My’s biological child, since Louise gave birth to her.

7906 Heritage

My ancestry program shows what I mean. Technically it’s not possible to have two mothers, even if it IS possible legally. Therefor, My has two sons, Marcus has two sons and Sara has one son. No granddaughters for Simon and Carita.

7907 Legal

But of course it’s the legal family that’s invited for family Sunday!

7908 GRandparents

Axel and Charlie takes the opportunity to spend time with their grandparents

7909 Fly high

And there is time to fly high for a while, before both Sixten and Sara have to go to work and everybody goes home

7910 Photographer

Sixten gets promoted to Freelance Photographer

7911 Platforn

And Sara to Platform Jumper. And by that, this round at the Mossbergs is over.

SM Apartment after round 26:
Sara Mossberg
Sixten Mossberg
Robert Mossberg

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