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Storfallet year 97-100 - Starting generation 5

Previously, Saga finished University and moved in to her own tiny apartment in Bluewater. She barely had room for her bed. She dreamt of being married to Alexander Johansson and eventually found a job in Oceanography.

7912 y97

Apartment 5 year 97-98, 99-100 Wednesday-Thursday, Monday-Tuesday
Saga Rodiek, 25, Fortune


Saga studies for her promotions and longs for Alexander, who is still in Uni


She has caght some kind of flu, and is forced to wear a strange uniform at work.


In between work sessions, she's working on her friends list.


Or she's skilling. Whale tracking is a demanding job!


Another friend under her belt, as they say in English. In my barbaric Nordic ears it sounds like she just bedded them...


And by earning another Body point, she's fully capable of taking on the next step of her career, and she's more than ready to welcom her lover, and nowadays fiancé to her apartment!

7919 Rodiek y99

Alexander has moved in to his beloved Saga Rodiek after Uni

7920 New hair

And finally he can get  his trademark hair back. No one is happier than Alexander! Except maybe the audience, that can recognize him again!

7921 Move

The tiny, tiny apartment Saga has lived in for the last four years is really not big enough for two, and especially not for a wedding, so a move to Mattsmyra is orchestrated. They buy the homestead Storfallet, where we had two townie couples before. The only one left of those are Kerstin Tidholm, the one who passes out on the floors of out apartments in Bluewater.

7922 Cute

Aren’t they cute?! Let’s get going with that wedding! Saga has waited for four years!!

7923 Enemies

We saw it forming already at Cristopher Bardh’s apartment, but now we have a full-fledged enemy-ship between Caroline Johansson, Alexander’s mother, and Maud Bardh, his uncle Simon’s new wife

7924 Wedding

The guests are summoning in front of the wedding arc. It’s a beautiful September day!

7925 Alex tree

Now for an interesting question to the SimGodess’ fellow simmers – Alexander is son to Noel Bardh, who is son to Thea Mattsson, who’s half-brother is Evert Myhr.

7926 Saga tree

Saga is the daughter of Agnes Myhr, who is the daughter of Evert Myhr, Thea Mattsson’s half-brother. What is such a family relation called? Cousins once removed? Second cousins once removed? Or twice removed? Whatever, they are actually family!

7927 Wedding

And it’s a fantastic wedding ceremony – just look at the faces of the Rodiek family, they love this!

7928 17sep99

And on the 17th of September ’99, Ms Saga Rodiek becomes Mrs Alexander Johansson, and the crowd cheers!

7929 Wellwishes

Well-wishes from all!

7930 Ball

A nerve-wrecking game of kicky ball

7931 Reception

And a buffet reception

7932 Great

It’s a smashing roof lifter, and Alexander the Pleasure sim is very happy!

7933 Helena

After the wedding ride around the block, the past is back to haunt Alexander.
Helena Markövertag and him had something going in Uni probably, but it was never serious. He never came over her, though, and it caused a scene at another house earlier this round.
Helena: “You know, Alex, you and I had a good time and all, but I’m expecting another man’s child now and you are married to another woman. You need to let go!”

7934 Sorry

Alexander: ”I know, I know! I love Saga, but you know, we really had something special. I’m sorry, I will really, really try to let you go!”

7935 Relax

Helena: ”That’s ok, I understand. We’re cool, just relax and enjoy your wife, right?”

7936 No job

The encounter with his past love makes Alexander pull together, and he focuses to get into his dream career of Culinary, but the market is slow.

7937 Garden

And he puts in some respectable hours in the greenhouse that came with the house.

7938 Deepsea

Helena stalks the lot, and Saga greets her gladly, as a friend to her husband, when she comes home promoted to Deepsea Fisherman. Saga has no idea about the history Alexander and Helena share

7939 Fish

Luckily Alexander is inside practicing for his future dream job by cooking a trout that he caught in the pond on the lot.

7940 Sous chef

And that night, Alexander finds an opening in the Culinary Career as a Sous Chef. Good start!

7941 Pop

Saga: ”Pop”
J68: ”Hey! Didn’t you guys read the memo about a ban on breeding brown-haired blue-eyed sims?!”
Saga: “Shut up, we’re producing generation 5 here!”
J68: ….”Well, ok, carry on…”

Storfallet after round 26:
Saga (Rodiek) Johansson
Alexander Johansson

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