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Bäckby year 97-100 - Sewing Projects

Previously at Bäckby, Sebastian and Rut moved in and both reached their LTW's. They played together and decorated their house from scratch.

7942 Montell y97

Bäckby year 97-100, Friday to Monday
Sebastian Montell, 58, Romance, 2nd LTW Woohoo 20 sims
Rut Mattsson, 37, Fortune, 2nd LTW Business Tycoon

7943 Sec Pleasure

Sebastian has enough life aspiration to acquire a secondary aspiration of Pleasure.

7944 Hunior Ex

Rut comes home promoted to Junior Executive, and Sebastian has invited over his brother Martin and his family.

7945 Sewing

Rut’s biggest hobby is to sew, and she does that all her free time

7946 Tea

Sebastian’s biggest hobby is people, and he invites some friends for afternoon coffee, or “fika” (fee-kah) as it is called in Sweden.

7947 Executive

Rut is promoted again to Executive. The couple has way too many friends, they don’t have time to keep up with them

7948 Swoon

They are often busy swooning over each other.

7949 Sebastian tree

In this house we combine the biggest families in Mattsmyra, which is computer breaking. Sebastian is from the Montell clan, which is actually starting to shrink, since the old generation 2 siblings has started to die.

7950 Rut tree

Rut is part of the Burlin family and has 8 brothers, 2 sisters and a niece.

7951 Sunday

Family Sunday! But we actually forgot to invite Sebastian’s son Christoffer and his family

7952 Cooking

Just to feed the big family takes two!

7953 Silver

Rut still takes some time to sew, and gets a silver badge.

7954 Clothes
7955 Clothes

That makes her able to sew herself and Sebastian some new clothes, which they really need, because it’s autumn now.

7956 Looking good

Looking good!

7957 Senior Manager

And we finish this update with yet another promotion – Rut becomes a Senior Manager.

Bäckby after round 26:
Sebastian Montell
Rut Mattsson

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