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Natalie Burlin Apartment - One Year

Previously, Natalie was in Uni

7958 NB

Natalie Burlin’s apartment year 100
Natalie Burlin, 25, Fortune, LTW City Planner

7959 Legal secretary

Natalie has an LTW of becoming a City Planner, but she wishes for other experiwnces first, in Crime, Law or Business. It’s nearly the same thing I guess. She accepts a place as a Legal Secretary.

7960 TV

She also has a wish to woohoo in bed. She never had a partner in Uni or as teen, so she’s got no special intended. Therefor, she calls the hottest guy on her phone list who is not already taken. It happens to be a Uni dormie named Steve. As it happens he works extra at an electronics store and gives Natalie a flatscreen TV.

7961 Steve

To thank him she invites him over.

7962 Kiss
7963 Sofa
7964 Bed

He really gets some special treatment

7965 TV

And they even discuss the TV for a while

7966 Roommate

Finally it’s decided that he will move in, as a room mate. In that way, Natalie can have him close, without straining the population of the hood.

7967 Growup

In combination with the move-in, we will also see to that he takes the name of Stefan. Guys named Vestlund with a V aren’t named Steve.

NB Apartment after round 26:

Natalie Burlin
Stefan Vestlund, room mate


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