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Mattsgården year 101-104 - Welcoming Kent

Previously, Jenny was a naughty girl, kissing and woohooing workmates and getting pregnant, leaving us with a baby father mystery. Luckily Vidar is not the jealous type. Georg and Agnes were permaplat boring.

Georg Mattsson, 59, Knowledge/Romance, 3rd LTW Game Designer
Agnes Mattsson, 58, Romance/Fortune, 2nd LTW Woohoo 20 different sims
Jenny Mattsson, 29, Popularity, LTW General
Vidar Rodiek, 29, Fortune, LTW Hall of Famer
Fi, the dog


Agnes is premaplat and has a maxed enthusiasm in Film&Literature. She continues to write childrens’ books.

And the market goes wild evertime she has a new release on the shelves.

Georg is permaplat too, and has a maxed out interest in Music&Dance

Jenny is the heir to this house and is a real Popularity sim. She has a locked wish to have 30 best friends, so she spends her maternity leave on the phone

The fourth inhabitant of Mattsgården is Vidar Rodiek, hopefully the baby father. His LTW is to become a Hall of Famer, but he started out in Architecture and likes it, so he’ll stay there for now.
He is promoted to Architect.

Jenny likes Music like her father and spends the time she's not on the phone by the synthesizer

Then it’s babytime!

On the 15th of September ’102, generation 4 sees the light of day at Mattsgården, at least if he opens his eyes!
It’s a boy and he gets Common name no 63 according to 2014 name statistics – Kent.

The new father (yes, Vidar is the father) is exhausted after his recent promotion to Architectural Partner and sleeps through the whole thing.

Next day it’s back to work for them both and they get promoted to Master Architect and Commander respectively. Especially Vidar is very happy for his promotions.

And it’s already time for Kent’s birthday

He’s got the dark colours of the Mattsson clan, but it seems he inherited his father’s narrow mouth instead of the generous Mattsson one. Which is good for a boy. The Mattsson mouth looks better on girls, like on Jenny. Kent turns out to be an extremely active and playful Sagittarius.

Vidar has five brothers and sisters, whereof two still lives with thier parents. The only one with children so far is his older brother Oscar who had a daughter last round. The Rodieks are part of the original clan Myhr through their mother Agnes.

Jenny is an only child and therefor Kent will never have cousins on his mother’s side. Jenny is the direct heir from Dan Mattsson on her father’s side, but also has part Berg blood from her Mormor Maria.
Interesting detail: Kent’s grandmothers are both called Agnes J

On with the party, where Jenny works on her friends list and in the end acquires a secondary aspiration of Grilled Cheese. That’s great, then she can feed all her friends Grilled Cheese when they meet!

Everyday toddler life ensues and Jenny teaches her active Sagittarius son to walk.

Agnes takes care of Kent’s cultural training and reads and sings with him, like grandmothers are supposed to do.

And we end this update with Vidar and Jenny takingsome time to themselves, increasing their Logic skills at the same time.

Mattsgården after round 27:
Georg Mattsson
Agnes Mattsson
Jenny Mattsson
Vidar Rodiek
Kent Mattsson
Fi, the dog

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