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University - Year 101-104

Alva Myhr, Popularity, SCL Political Science, Senior
Frida Benett, Romance, SCL Art, Junior
Charlie Burlin, Popularity, SCL Philosophy, Sophomore
Jacob Burlin, Popularity, SCL Art, Sophomore


Frida has the LTW to woohoo 20 sims, and she’s gettig closer. Not quite there though, and it was a pity she couldn’t finish before end of Sophomore year. Now she needs to stay Romancer.

She’s hitting on her professor, but he won’t have it.

Jacob doesn’t have anyone intended, so he’s asking for a blind date, but nothing exciting happens.

Frida tries with the next guy in line. He thinks she’s hot

She moves too fast

And Jacob thinks she’s a cheat. You just dated another girl, Jacob!

Eventually, Frida gets George where she wants him and can check another one off the list.

Later that night there’s a party in the Greek House, and Frida finds Jacob and Charlie’s father Kevin B two bolts hot. However, unless necessary, she won’t make a move on this family man, father of 11.

Alva and Charlie decide they belong together.

Frida starts a new conquest


And Alva and Jacob hate each other.

Directly after the fight both Alva and Jacob roll wants to apologize to each oter

Frida continues to work on Lars Segerstedt.

One more down


Bowling in the knee deep snow is extra interesting

Christer is no 20and finally Frida can go on to something else. 1p for LTW.

Now she wants 20 simultaneous loves!!! We’ll see about that…

Then it’s time for Alva to graduate SCL in Political Science. 1p!

She takes the opportunity to propose to Charlie during her graduation party.

They celebrate with a snowball fight

Her graduation photo is taken with her new fiancé. Alva will move back to Myren and wait for Charlie to graduate. He’s two years younger than Alva.

Year 102, the dorms

Glen Nyman, Fortune, Economics Senior
Linnea Burlin, Family, Freshman
Jörgen Johansson, Knowledge, Freshman

J68 has planned for Linnea and Jörgen to become a couple, and they hit it off well with two bolts!

Linnea: ”One day I will marry you!”
Jörgen: swoon

Jörgen wants to become Education Minister and chooses to major in Biology to help him to get there.
Linnea is a typical family sim and wishes for a major in History

Next on the agenda is to be accepted in the Greek House. It’s easy for Linnea, since she’s best friends with her brothers living there, and even if she doesn’t get along with Frida so well, she is soon accepted.

Linnea and Jörgen work on their relationship

He looks at her with admiration

And they share their first kiss

It’s time for Jörgen to try out for Helsinge Nation. It’s harder for him, since he doesn’t know anyone from the GH.

And Jacob and Frida spend most of the trials in bed together, but in the end he’s accepted.

There is a third playable sim on this lot, and it’s Glen Nyman. He was invited to Uni by someone at some point and now he’s doing his last year.

Jörgen and Linnea are now an official couple

It’s time for Glen to graduate

And to get some loving

Bye Glen! See you back in Mattsmyra!

Helsinge Nation year 102

Frida Benett, Romance, Art Senior
Charlie Burlin, Popularity, Philosophy Junior
Jacob Burlin, Popularity, Art Junior

The latest parrot Hawking is dead. Parrots are really shortlived in the Sims.

Frida works on her 20 loves

She woohoos Charlie

While Jacob studies

And she woohoos Jacob

while Charlie sleeps.

By the end of year 102, Charlie asks Linnea and Jörgen to move in

Frida graduates SCL in Art. 1p!

While trying to cook Crepes Suzette she sets herself on fire

But no harm done. She takes her graduation photo with Jacob and heads home to Norrbo.

Year 103, the Dorms

Welcome to Uni, our four freshmans:
Alf Lind, Romance, LTW Hall of Famer
Ingela Lind, Knowledge, LTW Worldclass Ballet Dancer
Matilda Rodiek, Pleasure, LTW 50 dream dates
Moa Rodiek, Popularity, LTW Hall of Famer

J68 planned to marry Alf and Moa, and they seem to get along with that idea.

Actually, they seem to like that idea very much
Unfortunately it doesn’t work out so well between the gay girls Ingela and Matilda, they have a crossed-out bolt for each other.

Everybody except Matilda chooses to major in drama, since it works well with both the Athletics and the dance careers.

Next is Greek House tryouts.

Moa doesn’t succeed first time

And neither does Alf.

They just try again, and soon they are all accepted.

And by the end of Freshman year, Matilda has decided she wants to major in Art.

Greek House 103-104

Charlie Burlin, Popularity, Senior Philosophy CL
Jacob Burlin, Popularity, Senior Art SCL
Jörgen Johansson, Knowledge, Sophomore Biology SCL
Linnea Burlin, Family, Sophomore History SCL

It’s an awfully calm year in the Greek House. Everybody does what they need to do and everybody gets along fine. No drama and no scandals occur all year.

At the end of year 103, all the dorm kids are invited to move in

Jacob graduates SCL in Art. 1p!

He moves out of Helsinge Nation and will move in with the notorious Frida Benett at Norrbo

Then it’s time for Charlie, graduating CL in Philosophy

There’s some drama at the party when Charlie starts a fight with the cow mascot

And they become enemies.

It’s still a successful party and Charlie takes his graduation photo with his fiancé Alva Myhr, whom he will move in with now.

The newcomers take advantage of the autumn mood and starts immediately to write their term papers

And when they are not studying, they are partying

And we have some fighting, between the damned cow mascot and a non-resident

Ingela finds love in GH member Sofia

Some pregnant relatives come to visit. It’s Saga and Siv Rodiek, sister and sister-in-law to Moa and Matilda.

After their sophomore year, Alf and Matilda choose to change their aspirations. Alf rolls Fortune instead of Romance, but Matilda rolls Pleasure as she already is, so she gets to use the Renew-orb and ends up as Grilled Cheese.

So at the end of year 104 we have six sims in the Greek House:
Alf Lind, Fortune, Drama Junior CL
Ingela Lind, Knowledge, Drama Junior SCL
Matilda Rodiek, Grilled Cheese, Art Junior SCL
Moa Rodiek, Popularity, Drama Junior MCL
Jörgen Johansson, Knowledge, Biology Senior SCL
Linnea Burlin, Family, History Senior MCL

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