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Myren year 101-104 - Bits and Pieces

Previously at Myren, Lisa grew up to child. Alva moved to Uni. Rolf and Britta dated. Rolf flirted with Ingeborg Wern during their last date and then he died, which lead to that the whole household cheered when he died. Then Britta started to date other guys.

Britta Myhr, 74, Pleasure, LTW 100 first dates (!)
Ulrika Myhr, 36, Knowledge/Popularity, LTW Space Pirate
Lisa Myhr, 8


First of all, Britta has enough aspiration points to acquire a secondary aspiration of Fortune. Nothing could suit her worse than that, this will be interesting J

At the same time, Ulrika maxes her aspiration panel. 3p!

Ulrika’s secondary Popularity shines through and she throws a party in the middle of the week, in the middle of the day. Still, school kids come to the party.

This house is inhabited by three generations of women. Lisa’s father Adam moved out before last round and has started a new relationship.

Lisa’s aunt Alva also moved out last round to go to Uni. She’s expected back this week, and Lisa is eagerly waiting for her.

Myren is an original house, but the Myhr family has always been small, and there are  no cousins on Ulrika’s side

But on her father’s side, originating from the Berg clan, Lisa has nine cousins already.

Since Ulrika broke up with Adam, she hasn’t had any steady realtionship, but sometimes she booty calls Johannes Ljunggren. He has been in love with her since forever and doesn’t seem to be able to find anyone else. We’ll see where we end up with this.

Britta got invited to an outing by a friend of Gabriel’s, who she dated last week.

She takes the opportunity to date him

And of course Gabriel happens to walk by.

Year 102-103, Thursday-Friday

Year 102 sees Alva back in her mother , sister and niece’s house.

Alva’s LTW is to become the Mayor, but she could accept a job in Culinary or Games too

No desired jobs are available.

Britta has never been serious a day in her life, and at age 74 she still loves to jump on the couch

Alva misses Charlie already and invites him over for a date

Britta wants a date too and invites over the notorious Noel Bardh

He seems to have had an unfortunate encounter with a bad stylist.

Right in the middle of the date another visitor comes by. Britta (Davidsson) Myhr leaves the simiverse at age 76 on September 22nd year 102. She leaves in platinum. 1p!

Lisa is sad to see her grandmother go.

And Noel thinks it was the worst date ever. “Don’t even THINK about calling me again!”

An advertisment is put in the newspaper to invite people to the funeral

Life goes on and Ulrika is promoted to the top of the Adventure career when she becomes a Space Pirate. It was her LTW, so 2p! Now she wants to become Chief of Staff in the Medical career.

Ulrika has long waited to see the ghost of her grandmother Marita, and tonight is her lucky night

Her luck continues when she immediately finds a job as an Intern at the hospital.

Alva also finds her desired job in Culinary

The next morning it’s time for the funeral. The sisters say a last goodbye to their mother

And they celebrate the fact that they have each other.

Year 104

With year 104, Charlie Burlin, Alva’s fiancé moves in

They love each other very much

Charlie has an LTW to become a Media Magnate, but no jobs are available in Journalism

Lisa is a social little girl and spends Saturay playing with her cousin Erik

And with her mother before she heads off to work

That night it is Lisa’s birthday and Charlie throws a party for her. By some reason Charlie is friends with the cow mascot, on the contrary with everybody else. Kevin B, Charlie’s father becomes enemies with the cow.

Due to that it’s Charlie’s party, there are almost only Burlins cheering for Lisa on her birthday

She grows up very well to teen and rolls Fortune. Her LTW has yet to reveal itself

And as a last note, both the redheaded sisters are getting promotions, to Restauranteur and General Practitioner respectively.

Inhabitants at Myren after round 27:
Ulrika Myhr
Alva Myhr
Charlie Burlin
Lisa Myhr

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