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Korskrogen year 101-104 - Friends and Relatives

Previously at Korskrogen we almost had a heart attack, since the lot crashed. Through a backup installation the family could be rescued. In other news, Caoline tried to come closer to her LTW of 20 loves. She and Stina grew up to elders. Maja grew up to a Family teen and Charlie and Jonathan grew up to children. Noel reached his 3rd LTW.

Noel Bardh, 58, Romance/Grilled Cheese, 4th LTW Eat 200 Grilled Cheese
Caroline Johansson, 55, Romance, LTW 20 lovers
Stina Johansson, 55, Family/Grilled Cheese, 2nd LTW Captain Hero
Tony Johansson, 37, Fortune, LTW Business Tycoon
Maja Johansson, 15, Family, LTW Captain Hero
Charlie Johansson, 5
Jonathan Johansson, 5
Rio and Janeiro, dogs

Stina has reached the point where she can fill her aspiration panel. 3p!

The generation 3 twins Charlie and Jonathan find at the same time that their true hobby is sports.

Maja is a typical teenager and discusses make-up with her new friend Lisa Myhr who just became a teen.

Lisa tells Maja all about her new stepmother Siri (Törnblad) who is now married to Lisa’s father Adam Wern.

Anton Pitts is a regular visitor at Korskrogen. Caroline is working him as a lover, and he often just comes inside uninvited.


Maja is a Family girl and is desperate to start her adult life with love and marriage. She throws herself at Anton, but he won’t let her

Maja is very sad

At least for a while. She’s also a very social girl and becomes best friends with Stina.

Tony, Stina’s husband, becomes best friends with Noel, who forgot to remedy his appearance after the unfortunate encounter with a bad stylist.

Tony teaches Charlie to study

And Caroline teaches Jonathan

Stina becomes Captain Hero, which is her second LTW and second TOC. 1p anyway. Now she wants to graduate 3 kids from Uni

Caroline has an LTW to have 20 simultaneous loves, but she’s not working on it too frequently. Once in a while we have a new one though. Anton is about no 12.

Then he goes off and gives Caroline’s 16 years old daughter her first kiss

Next off is a fight with the nanny. Never a dull moment with Anton around!

Stina: ”Thank you, Ms Lawson, we won’t need your services in the future”

Tony and Charlie becomes best friends

Then Tony makes an effort to increase his charisma skill to be able to be promoted

Saturday is mall day, and Maja invites her friends to come with her.

She becomes best friends with Isak Galvander, townie

And with Lisa Myhr

Some shopping is recommended since it is soon autumn and the sleeveless dress will be too cold

Back home, Caroline has become crazy and wants to marry everybody even though she fears it

And Tony becomes an Executive

We have problems with Fraps and/or the keyboard, so all family trees were not documented. At least we can look at Noel’s. His mother Thea was the first baby born in Mattsmyra, many, many years ago. He’s got a twin brother, Simon, and a half brother by his father Cristopher, named Jörgen. We saw him in Uni recently. Noel and Caroline have two children, Alexander who is married to Saga (Rodiek) and Maja who lives at home still.


Caroline is not exactly friends with her sister-in-law Maud. Maud is married to Simon.

But she’s best friends with Jonathan, Stina’s son

He’s collecting friends today and is now also best friends with his second cousin Maja

Him and his brother Charlie are back-up dancers when Max serenades his wife Lena

Noel gets to know his daughter-in-law Saga, who is pregnant with his grandchild, who in turn will become GENERATION 5!!

And as a last note, Maja picks up her scolarships for grades and creativity and heads off to Uni, but we won’t see her there until next round, in about 1 RL years.

Inhabitants at Korkrogen after round 27:
Noel Bardh
Caroline Johansson
Stina Johansson
Tony Johansson
Charlie Johansson
Jonathan Johansson
Rio and Janeiro, dogs
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