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Letsbo year 101-104 - Empty Nest

Previously at Letsbo, David aqcired a secondary aspiration of Fortune, reached the top of the Military career and filled his aspiration panel. Seven dogs grew up and were put up for adoption and seven new ones were adopted in their stead. Ingela loved all the new puppies. Alf was flirting and got his first kiss. Gerd was promoted to Police Chief and took care of all the dogs. In the end of the round Ingela was abducted by aliens!

Letsbo year 101-104, Sunday to Wednesday
David Lind, 51, Popularity, 2nd LTW Rock God
Gerd Lind, 50, Family, LTW Raise 20 puppies or kittens
Alf Lind, 17, Romance, LTW Hall of Famer
Ingela Lind, 17, Knowledge, LTW Worldclass Ballet Dancer
My, Nano, Piko, Queenie, Reva, Sigma, puppies

This update starts on Sunday, so in preparation for family Sunday we look at the family trees. Letsbo is an original house, but the Lind family was always small. David invites only his sister Annika, since her daughter is an adult.

Gerd comes from the Berg clan, but her father Jerry introduced the name Wern. She has one sister and two brothers whereof all have children of their own, younger than Alf and Ingela.

Just before the relatives arrive, Ingela manages to set the kitchen on fire, and there is no alarm installed! All ends well, though.

Family Sunday!

Nano, Piko and My grow up and are left to adoption

Gerd randomly wishes for a kitten instead of a puppy, so one is adopted and named Tetra

Also a puppy is adopted, but j68 slips on the keyboard and the puppy ends up named ”f” instead of Ursus J

Reva and Queenie grow up and are put up for adoption. It should be enough with the animals who are left on the lot to fulfill Gerd’s LTW, so no new ones are adopted.

Alf dates a random girl and gets his first kiss from her. Again. He had his first kiss last time. Maybe it was her first kiss.

David, the General, has a second LTW of becoming a Rock God, and accepts a job as a Concert Pianist

And then it’s time for the teens to head off to Uni, where we have already seen them

Year 103-104

Life is calmer when the kids have move out, but there is still a lot to do with the animals, even if there are only three left.

David spends time painting master pieces and cleaning the garden.

Then Sigma grows up and is put up for adoption, and we have only two animals left

Gerd is promoted to Captain Hero. TOC – 1p!

It is celebrated with a dinner for two. David prefers a TV-dinner before the home-cooked comfort soup

Then he grows up to elder. Nice clothes!

Since he’s a Popularity sim he invites people over frequently. Him and Mats Picaso discuss university yesterday and today.

Then it’s Gerd’s turn to grow up to elder. The top needs to go!

In her new two-piece she’s continuing to take care of her animals, and now it’s time to go. Next round the twins will probably be back, unless they found something else to do while in uni.

Inhabitants at Letsbo after round 27:
David Lind
Gerd Lind
Tetra, the kitten
f (Ursus), the puppy

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