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Hamre year 101-104 - Winter is Coming

Previously at Hamre, Hedvig got fired from her job due to poor performance. Stig and Claes grew up to children. And that was it!

Hamre year 101-104, Wednesday to Saturday
Christoffer Montell, 34, Romance, LTW Hall of Famer
Hedvig Montell, 34, Romance, LTW Celebrity Chef
Claes Montell, 6
Stig Montell, 6
Macke, the collie

Christoffer has reached full aspiration. 3p!

Hedvig is one of the few sims that ever reads the hobby magazines.

The boys Claes and Stig excel in school

Then everybody wishes for a puppy, even if they have a dog. The puppy is named Buster.

Macke welcomes little Buster!

Hedvig OTH is Nature, and when she remembers she works in the garden even if winter is coming.

Christoffer is closing in on his goal (!) by becoming Coach.

Hedvig is promoted to Sous Chef and then Head Chef

With winter comes the ghosts. It’s Christoffer’s mother Charlotte who misses her bed

 Charlotte, or Lotta as she was called, died while pregnant when Christoffer was a child. It was an accident involving a toy trainset. Lotta is usually a nice ghost, but not right now.

So, Christoffer takes some time to remember his long lost mother, and hopefully the hauntings will pass.

As soon as Saturday comes, like real kids, the twins are up before daybreak to play video games. On weekdays you have to drag them out of bed.

When day breaks, Hedvig takes them to the gym with the plan to go swimming, but they all end up with snow games.

Eventually, when they are cold enough, they go inside to swim and have some hot dogs Hedvig prepares.

Back home, Christoffer has invited his cousin Gustav and his family to hang out a bit

So as an end note we give you Christoffer’s family tree on his mother’s side and then this update is up!

Inhabitants at Hamre after round 27:
Christoffer Montell
Hedvig Montell
Claes Montell
Stig Montell
Macke, the collie
Buster, the puppy

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