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Myren, Year 22-25 (Monday-Thursday)

Round 6 starts with Evert expanding the home shop further, and starts to sell his own paintings. The company reaches level 3, and Marita has started to show. There will be a baby in this round, if nothing unexpected happens.
And – another positive review!

Like in a nightmare, Marita wakes up in the middle of the night with cramps. It’s too early!

Oh no! She looses the baby! Poor, poor Marita, she feels really terrible and blames herself for not taking it easy enough. Poor Evert slept through the whole thing, good for him, he won’t remember it.

It seems the bad mood in the house is contagious though. Evert tries to keep the shop open, but it looses credit and drops to level 2.

That in turn sends him into aspiration failure. -1p for j68.

Then he sits around the couch for hours in his gym clothes, watching TV. He cannot even make the effort to restock his shop.

When at last he did open the shop again, the shelves got empty in no time. The level also rised again to 3 and he got a silver badge in register.
Evert got his energy back, and Marita tested positive on her pregnancy test.

After another busy day in the shop, Evert makes himself some dinner, while Marita is trying to sleep her way through the pregnancy without loosing the baby.
Stand by for the first-born Myhr in round 7!

Myren after round 6:
Evert Myhr
Marita Myhr

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