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Holmsveden year 101-104 - Quiet Pregnancy

Previously at Holmsveden, David grew up very well to elder. Sofia and David got married after a long life together. Bertil and Svea came home from uni and got married too.

Holmsveden year 101-104, Wednesday-Saturday
Sofia Mattsson, 58, Pleasure/Fortune, 2nd LTW 50 first dates
David Ottomas, 57, Popularity/Family, 2nd LTW 20 Best friends
Bertil Mattsson, 24, Family, LTW Marry off 6 kids
Svea Mattsson, 24, Knowledge, LTW Max 7 skills

This family loves games and everybody joins in a Don’t wake the llama session.

Except Bertil, who tries to find a job in the Miltary career, but doesn’t succeed

Then he starts surfing the internet for Music&Dance and he maxes his enthusiasm for the subject. 1p!

That makes him so happy that he chooses a secondary aspiration of Romance. He will have conflicting wishes in the future, for sure!

Svea reaches the top pf the Gaming career. 1p!

Since it’s not her LTW to work, but to pursue Knowledge, she quits immediately.

Bertil finds a job in Military, as a Captain. On the wall we see his brand new plaque

It seems like we will be able to start Bertil’s LTW of marrying off six kids soon!

She maxes her Mechanic skill

Pregnancy confirmed

She has a very uneven relationship to her family. Her sister Matilda and her brother Vidar she has a close to nothing relationship with, while her brother Oscar her sisters Moa and Saga and her parents are her BFFs. Strange!

Then it’s back to the books, and waiting for the baby. Unfortunately we’ll have to wait until next round, because now time’s up.

Inhabitants at Holmsveden after round 27:
Sofia Ottomas
David Ottomas
Bertil Mattsson
Svea Mattsson

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