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Österås year 101-104 - Headmaster Fail

Previously at Österås, we had a very hot summer. Jörgen tried dating without much success. Siv and Albin grew up to children and the adults worked.

Österås year 101, Wednesday, 102-104, Thursday to Saturday
Ralf Lilja, 58, Knowledge, LTW Mad Scientist
Vera Johansson, 58, Romance/Grilled Cheese, 2nd LTW 20 simultaneous lovesr
Elin Tång, 43, Knowledge/Grilled Cheese, 4th LTW Head of SCIA
Jörgen Johansson, 18, Knowledge, LTW Education Minister
Albin Lilja, 7
Siv Lilja, 7

Jörgen will soon go to Uni, and tries to collect some skill points to raise his scolarships

He also wishes to attend private school and invites the headmaster

It starts out very well with schmooze points and a bonus for the hot tub, but then he stays there for the entire visit

Then he has the nerve to say he didn’t like the tour, which he didn’t attend, and he didn’t have dinner either, so no private school for Jörgen!

At the same time as the headmaster visit ends, Elin comes home promoted to Head of SCIA, which was her 4th LTW, so no points. Now she wants to become Education Minister.

Jörgen picks up his scolarship for Logic and heads off to Uni, where we have already seen him.

Year 102-104

Ralf maxes his Logic skill to be able to be promoted in his line of work

And it pays off when he gets promoted to Mad scientist, which was his LTW. 2p!
Now he wants to max 7 skills. Perfect for an elder Knowledge sim!

Elin brings her sister Engla with her home from work and they play a game of pool in the rain

She stays until the evening and gets the opportunity to see the resident ghost Maximilian, Vera’s father.

Albin loved his week. Apparently he did other things than his homework, though, since his grades are slipping. We’ll have to catch up during the weekend.

Siv’s grades are ok, and she spends time with her hobby of music, which renders her a membership in the music club.

Saturday is spent on the Nature lot, where Elin seems to be a bit bored.
Ralf spends time on his favourite hobby, and the kids play with each other

Elin just looks at the kids and gets more and more bored, and when finally the evil witch comes by with hail and cockroaches, she’s had it and they all go home.

Inhabitants at Österås after round 27:
Vera Johansson
Elin Lilja
Ralf Lilja
Albin Lilja
Siv Lilja

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